Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Review: Vitro by Jessica Khoury

I have been waiting so long to read this book. And now I finally could. I have known for ages that I would enjoy it, since I loved the first book by Jessica; Origin. And I loved the plot for this one. And I'm pleased to say that I did love it. I found it to be a pretty amazing book with good writing and awesome characters.

I adore the cover for Vitro. It's just gorgeous. And the hardcover is very pretty as well. Which made reading this book even better. I enjoyed the book from the very beginning. Which was very good. I love it when a book I've been waiting for turns out to be as amazing as I wanted it to be. And Vitro was that book.

I'm not sure what to say about this book and what not to say. I don't want to spoil anything, as I loved the sort of mystery of it. I loved figuring out everything and I loved getting surprised as well. So I won't say much about the plot. Just a few small things. Will talk a little bit about the characters, whom I really adored. Well, okay, just a few of them. Most of the characters in this book was pretty evil. But I loved reading about all of them.

Vitro is told from the point of view of Sophie and Jim. And sometimes a few short chapters from Lux. I really loved Sophie. I found her to be an amazing person and I loved reading about her and learning about her life. Though when we learned later about some things that happened when she was a bit younger, that broke my heart a little. Wish we could have seen more of Sophie and Jim's childhood. I loved that part so much. Found it amazing that they used to be best friends when they were kids.

I also really adored Jim. I think he was an amazing character. And I loved reading about him so so much. And my heart broke for him pretty much all the time. Did not approve of his parents. Though I would have loved to read more about it. The book ended way too soon. Jim is a pilot. And I loved that about him. Loved reading about him and Sophie flying. That was pretty awesome. Sigh. I just really adored Jim; he had such a big heart. And he's so kind as well. And brave. Loved that he cared about people.

We also get to know Lux a lot in this book. Except that she is not normal. And that's all I'm going to say about it. Because ohh. It was very creepy to read about and I loved every second of it. The plot with Lux was pretty amazing. Just, ugh. I loved this book. I was worried about Lux at first, thinking that there might be a love triangle sort of thing. But there wasn't. Though there was this boy that worried me as well. But no. No love triangles. But not much romance in the book either. But the beginning of one. <3

There are a lot of characters in this book. I kind of only liked four of them. Maybe. I liked reading about the Russian guy. He was pretty awesome. And then all the scientists.. I didn't like them much at all. The things that they did on Skin Island. I did not approve. But I loved reading about it so much. Because it was a bit unique and special and I very much enjoyed the plot. I had a few small issues with the book, but none big enough for me not to give this book a five star. Because I enjoyed it that much :)

I'm not sure what else to say about this book. So I just won't say more about it. No spoilers. Because Vitro is amazing. And it's even more amazing when you know nothing about what will happen. I enjoyed reading about the characters and everything that they did. I loved reading about the Vitros. Though, creepy. A lot of things in this book was creepy. And I loved it. Jessica did a very good job writing this book. <3 And I cannot wait to read even more books by her, as I really adore her. Now, go read Vitro!


  1. Sounds like a fantastic read! Great review, Carina! I really need to read this one!

  2. The cover for this novel actually is pretty cool. I know they say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover but that's what pulls me in haha. Good review, sounds like something I'll need to get my hands on soon.

  3. So glad you liked this. I have an ARC of this and I may need to read it. Thanks for reviewing it.

  4. Oh wow. 5 stars! I haven't read Origin yet so I can't wait. Glad you enjoyed this so much. :)

  5. I'm glad you liked this, Carina! I haven't read the first book yet, but you've definitely made me curious about it now. Jim sounds like a great character, and I'm glad to hear that there isn't a love triangle in this one. Lovely review! :)

  6. Now I totally need to get my hands on a copy of ORIGIN!!! Haven't read it yet, but really want to now that I know that the sequel is just as great. Thanks for your review:)

  7. Ooh, I'm so excited to see you loved this! I really enjoyed Origin, so I've been excited to read this for a long time. I've got it from the library, and have read the first three chapters. Now I'm looking forward to reading the rest!

    Great review, Carina!
    Rachel @ Paper Cuts


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