Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Review: Death Sworn by Leah Cypess

I'm glad I finally decided to try reading this book. I've had it for months via Edelweiss, and I have been wanting to read it ever since I downloaded it. First because of the cover, which is pretty awesome, and because of the summary. Though I must admit that the cover doesn't really match the story. But I don't mind. It's pretty, hih. The summary, though, is spot on. And the book is even better than it sounds. I really loved this book a lot.

I'm not sure how to write my review, though. As it has been a while since I last read a book. While Death Sworn is not the best book I have read, I still loved it like crazy. It is a five star for me. And I cannot wait to own my own copy of it. I really liked the writing as well. I could not find any faults with it :)

I just liked everything in this book. Well, there was one thing that disappointed me a little bit. But I can't be too angry about it, because the book was just too good. I won't talk too much about it all, since I don't want to spoil anything. I felt like the book was long enough, yet it was also so short in a way. I wanted to know everything right away. Then, of course, the book has kind of an evil ending. A bit heartbreaking. But it was also a fitting ending. But yes, now dying for the second and final book. I need to know everything that comes next. <3 Because this book made me feel all the things. Which I loved.

Death Sworn is told from the point of view of Ileni. A seventeen year old girl who is losing her magic. I loved reading about her. She was pretty amazing. We learn a lot about her too. Though there are still things I was wondering about. It broke my heart a bit that she is losing her magic, and that because of that her Elders sent her to the Assassins to die. Well, she has a mission. But they all knew she was likely to die. Won't mention the mission, because while it isn't a secret, I enjoyed reading about it myself :)

I won't say too much about this book. Just that it is pretty much amazing and I loved it very much. Just wish it was longer. And that I mustn't wait a year until the sequel.. sigh. But still, I'm excited. Anyway. The story in this book is pretty amazing. And I loved reading about it. It was exciting and mysterious and just all kinds of awesome. Some things I didn't see coming, yet others I did. And I loved reading about all of it. Death Sworn was just such a good book. And I'm so glad that I got to read it. Sigh.

Ohh. But I must mention the person I might have loved most, hih. Sorin. The male part of the book. He was pretty awesome to read about. He is a trained Assassin, so he knows all the ways to kill you. Which might have been a bit scary, but I didn't really get bothered by it. I liked him the way he was. He is slow to get to like, but once you do start liking him you cannot stop liking him either. Yeah. I really liked Sorin. We get to know a lot about him, yet not enough. I would love to know more of his past. <3

There is a lot of things happening in this book. We see a lot of boys in it too. Some that I really did not like. Well, mostly I didn't like anyone besides Ileni and Sorin. But I did enjoy reading about everyone and everything. I really loved reading about Ileni. She is an amazing girl. Though she does feel a lot of hurt. Wish she would feel a lot more of anger, though. To the people who sent her to the caves. Hopefully in book two. But anyway. I loved reading about everything in this book, mostly. Sigh. It was just so good.

The thing that made me a tiny bit disappointed in this book was the romance. It is pretty amazing. Though it is not a big part of the book and it is not there often. The romance between Ileni and Sorin is slow and awesome. I loved reading about their relationship. The thing that annoyed me, though, which might be a spoiler, is that there weren't written any kissing scenes. There are two that were just faded to black. Kissing scenes! That made me a bit sad, as I love a good romance. Sigh. Still, it was good.

Huge thank you to HarperTeen for the auto-approval on Edelweiss so that I could download and read Death Sworn. <3 I am so happy that I got to read it early; so that I knew how good it was. Now I'm just dying for the sequel. Because that was one evil ending. I really truly need to know what happens next. <3 So excited. Anyway. Death Sworn was such an amazing book. Full of action, feelings and awesomeness. I think that you will all love it. So you really should go pre-order it, so that you can read it on March 4th :)


  1. I am SO excited to read this! I have the e-arc and I'm itching to start it but I'm trying to hold off until a bit closer to release date...but very soon. :-) So happy you loved it.

  2. Great review! Love Leah! This is next on my reading list. :)

  3. Thanks for the great review, Carina!
    I'm quite excited for this one now and a book with lil romance might be a great chance of pace for me too!


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