Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Review: Graceling: The Graphic Novel by Kristin Cashore & Gareth Hinds

Graceling have been my most favorite book for so many years now. And so I was thrilled when I learned that there would be a graphic novel edition of it coming out. I have not read many graphic novels before, but I would of course read this. And I'm so happy with this edition. It is gorgeous. Five stars, for sure.

Which is probably because I already really love this book, ha. But I found the artwork to be completely stunning. I loved that this graphic novel was pretty faithful to the story. Some things were left out that I missed, some things changed. But most of it stayed the same. Many of the best quotes were still there.

I will not be writing a very long review for this book. Because I have already written so, so many reviews of Graceling. And I will not be going into details about the plot again. If you know me, you know how much I love this story and characters. And I very much loved getting to see them all in a different way. I did not find this new illustrated edition to be perfect, but I still loved it very much. The writing was beautiful, of course. Not changed much from the book by Kristin Cashore, which I love the most. But some things were changed, though I did not mind too much. I did very much love all of the illustrations by Gareth Hinds. I would love to see him do the other Graceling books too. Fingers crossed.

There truly is not much for me to say about this graphic novel. I loved seeing Katsa and Po come to life. A few of the other characters looked a little silly to me, ha, but I enjoyed seeing them too. I loved watching the world come to life too. The story of Katsa and Po is still such a wonder to me. And it still brings me so much joy to read about them. And I loved that this was a shorter read, but still captures the feelings that I love about Graceling. Bitterblue was also adorable. This edition did have the important parts of the book.

I would say that my one complaint about this graphic novel was that it were a little too rushed. There were so many things left out, or the scenes were too short. And there were a few things I missed, that were not there. Especially a scene near the beginning of the book, where Katsa punches Po, where he talks about not hurting friends. That scene was beautiful to read, and I wish it had been included in this version too. Aw. But I still loved it very much. Just wish even more things had been in this one. More of Katsa and Po.

One thing I really loved about this graphic novel was that the romance between Katsa and Po was still a main focus. Some scenes left out, of course, and a little changed, but the important parts were there. And this couple still brings me the most joy. Sigh. For the most part I really truly loved Graceling: The Graphic Novel. I am so glad that this was made. I hope the other books will be too. I wish you would all read this stunning thing. But I would suggest reading the original Graceling first. It is longer and has more details.

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