Saturday, December 25, 2021

In My Mailbox #529

Merry Christmas. <3 This Christmas week have been the longest :) And still a whole week left, haha. It's the very best, though. <3 Oh. I just remembered all I have gotten done this week. Gosh. Finished reading Gilded on Sunday. <3 Which was so good :) Now need to find a short book to read before the end of this year. Oops. I can do it. Probably. Then I watched season one and two of The Witcher in just over a day. Gah. It killed me, haha. And it was just so good. Sigh. Need season three right away, though. Hmph. And then Christmas things all week. Yesterday was the best day; with turkey and family time and presents :) So happy with everything I got. <3 Sharing some of it below :) And happy with everything I got my family as well. Today I got to watch Encanto on Disney+, and it was so good, eee. Lots of love. A few new blog posts this week. I shared my review of Gilded. <3 This week I'm waiting on For the Throne :) And posted a Merry Christmas post :D I really hope that you all are having such an amazing Christmas time too. <3

Aurora's End. Finally got my AUS paperback edition as well, haha :) Need them all. A little damaged, ack.
Pop Figures. Bought the Game of Thrones one, and got the one with the dog for Christmas :D I love it so.
Plushes. Christmas presents, eee. I so so love cute plushes. <3 And that white cat is so very gorgeous :D
Nintendo Switch Games. Christmas presents; excited about Donkey Kong and Super Mario Maker 2. <3
Perfume. Had wished for this cute bear perfume :D And got three mini ones. So cute. And smells good :)
Animal Crossing. More Christmas presents :D My sister is the best. <3 Especially with how goddamn expensive the Amiibo cards are here in Norway. Shudders. So happy with the 3DS games too. <3 Love.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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