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Review: Gilded by Marissa Meyer

This book was everything I wanted it to be. And so much more. Of course, I knew that I would love this. As it is Marissa Meyer, doing another fairy tale retelling. But I did not realize how badly this book would hurt me. How rude. And I did not know that the ending would be so cruel, that waiting for book two might kill me.

But oh, how badly I loved this one. Five stars, of course. Though my heart may hurt for a long time. And I feel a little scared about book two, worried I might not get my happy ending. At least not without a whole lot of pain and heartbreak first. Hmph. And yet I couldn't be more excited about it. This story was truly incredible.

Gilded is a fairy tale retelling of Rumpelstiltskin. A very much different one than the tale I remember having learned. And I am so excited and happy about that. Because this story was much more interesting and exciting. I may fail at explaining this book. And sharing all my feelings about it. As so far everything feels like a mess inside my head. But doing my best. And I just really truly loved this book. The writing was perfection. I had no issues at all with connecting to this story and characters. This is told from the point of view of eighteen-year-old Serilda. She lives in a small town with her father, a miller. She is also cursed. Or so everyone is always telling her and talking about her behind her. Because of the wheel of gold in her eyes and of her stories.

Her father have always told her he saved a hurting god and was granted a wish, and he wished for a child with his love. And so Serilda was born. She isn't sure if she truly believes that or not. The people in their town sure believes her to be bad luck. And so she has no friends, no one who cares about her, except for her dad. And the five children she helps teach at the school. I loved her relationship with them, as it was so cute. They truly cared about her. And loved hearing all about her scary stories, haha. I loved them too.

Serilda has been cursed by the god of lies. Or truths. Or stories. Or blessed by this god. It takes Serilda a long while before she finds out what is truth and what is not. But what she do knows, is that she is always telling stories. Making them up, she thinks. About all the creatures living in the forest around them. Most of them dark and scary, but not all. And always stories about the Erlking, the darkest and most dangerous of them all. I knew right away that all of her stories were true. At least, most of them. And I so loved that.

This book had such a crazy story. And I loved every part of it. So much happened. And I am not going to describe much more about it. Serilda end up meeting the Erlking during his wild hunt. She was supposed to die then. But she told him a lie. A lie he believed to be true, that she could spin straw into gold. And so during the next full moon he summons her. If she does not spin straw into gold before dawn, she will be killed. Serilda really truly could not do this thing. But luckily for her, there was someone else who could.

A lot of this story takes place inside a haunting castle. Full of dark ones and ghosts. And other creatures as well. During the full moon each month, the castle is alive and beautiful. But during all the other days it is just a ruin, filled with ghostly memories. Serilda spends a lot of time in this castle. And I so loved getting to know it all. It was so dark and creepy and I badly loved that. But it was also a little too dark and sad at times, as there is truly no happy ending for most of those trapped. Which is breaking my heart. So rude.

The person who helps her spin straw into gold is a boy named Gild. And I loved this boy so very much. He is also the love interest. And watching them start to care for each other was the sweetest thing. Sure, it is a little rushed. But I did not mind one bit, because it was very cute and it felt real to me. And I loved them both very much. But oh. Gild and his story. It really truly killed me. He does not remember who he is. Not a ghost, not a dark one, something in-between. Trapped in this castle for centuries, all alone. Oh.

Which might be why I loved him and Serilda together that much. She had not been with anyone, and neither had he. They were so cute together as well. And I just shipped them a lot. Sigh. I saw a review saying they thought the love interest would be the Erlking. And ha. That killed me a little. As he was well and truly a villain in this book. He will always be a villain. There is no redeeming a person who tortures and kills people. Never. And I'm glad Marissa did not go that way. Also because Gild was perfect. Sigh.

I have already written too much about this book. And yet I know I still have so many more words inside of me, haha. I just really truly loved this story. Gilded was every kind of perfect. Full of adventure, darkness and pain. Filled with magic and stories. And such a sweet romance too. Though that ending was truly the worst. So much happened in this book. So much still needs to happen. I really liked reading about Serilda and her journey. Though it's currently not going well for her at all. Gosh. But feeling a little hopeful as well.

One thing I really loved about this book was that it was not afraid of going dark. And oh, how dark it got. I still feel ruined about it. So many deaths. And not nice deaths. There were a few that I felt sure that would not die. And then they did. Ugh. Yet I loved it, of course I did. But so painful and sad too, to read about. This whole book was dark and sad. Especially the story of Gild and his past. That ruined me the most, I think. There better be a happy ending coming. Not sure I can handle it if not. And I cannot wait to read it.

The only thing I did not love about this book is the cover, haha. I don't really like it much at all. Oops. It's kind of pretty, but also really boring. And I feel like this most epic story should have had a much more epic cover. But even so. This cover might grow on me. As I do love all my editions of this book. Curious about the cover for book two, though. Another thing. I'm not pleased with how there will be a second book. Just because the ending of this one destroyed me. Completely. Waiting for the next will be torture. How rude.

And yet I really truly cannot wait. And I am also beyond thrilled that there will be a whole other book as well, because there is still so, so much that still needs to be told. The second book better have the most spectacular happy ending. Otherwise, it might actually kill me. Like. What if it has the same ending as Heartless? Ha. Sobs. That was the actual worst, despite the fact that I loved that book so much. I can't handle a heartbreaking ending with this series. But oh, how I loved this book. And you will love this too.

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