Saturday, December 4, 2021

In My Mailbox #526

Another week gone by. But that means another week closer to Christmas, eee :D I still haven't read more. Sigh. But soooon. Hopefully. I have been busy dealing with a stupid cold this whole damn week. Slowly feeling better, not fully okay yet. How rude. But I am also glad I had cancelled my surgery that was this week. I was also too sick for it. So yeah. Happy about that. So this week I have only been busy playing Animal Crossing, like always, haha. <3 But I will read. Soon. Starting with Gilded next, which I am very excited about. I got some pretty mail, which I love very much. <3 Slowly trying to catch up to things too. Going a little meh, but done a lot tonight, which I'm happy about. This week I'm waiting on Rebellion of the Lost. <3 I hope you are all doing well and staying safe :) Me and my family are still staying safe and away from Corona. So we are still doing as good as we can. <3 It's now aaaalmost Christmas :D Yesss.

Aurora's End. Another version of this pretty book, US paperback. <3 I must re-read the first books soon.
Nintendo Switch games. Oops. Another two older games I hadn't bought, but decided I needed to get, ha.
Pop Figures. Bought Kronk and Stitch from Melanie :D Thank you. <3 And I so love my Arya as well. Eee.
Animal Crossing amiibo. Oh. Thank you SO much Megan for helping me get all of these to Norway, eee. You are the very best, always. <3 I LOVE these cards. SO much. Bought so many, still need more, ha :)
Taylor Swift. EEE! I finally got to by this Cardigan ornament, eee :D I wanted it last year. But sold out right away. Then I got email this year. And it was goddamn sold out right away again. Uuugh. Then I thought to check the UK shop site instead, as I have always bought from the US, and they still had it in stock. Eee. So it is finally mine :D And gorgeous. <3 But.. I thought it was in fabric, not hard, oops. But still so pretty :)

More Instagram photos here. <3

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