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Review: Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi

I could not stop reading this book. Once I started it I had to read it until the end. This sequel was perfect. Yes, there were things I hated and wished hadn't been there. But I still loved this book. It's a five star for me. Even with the parts I disliked. I'm so glad I re-read the first book and then read this one. It was just perfect. But it broke me. Truly. And it hurts. And reading the short story Roar and Liv, well, I shouldn't have done that. Now I'm even more broken. This is so unfair. It really is.

This book is full of heartbreak. But there is also a few sweet moments. Not many, though, and that was a bit heartbreaking as well. This book is full of excitement. Full of action. Even better than the first one. Though I liked the romance more in the first book. But the action is better. The story is better. The writing is better. Through the Ever Night is just perfect.

You should not read this review if you haven't read book one yet. Anyway. Through the Ever Night starts where Under the Never Sky ends. With Perry and Aria meets again after having been apart for months. Five months, I found out. Yeah. Still bitter about that. And while it is a happy reunion, they still love each other, it is also sad. And less than I had hoped for. But it also made so much sense, so I can't really hate it at all, can I? Aria and Perry have to pretend to the Tides that they aren't together. Because they know the tribe won't accept her, since she's half Dweller. They don't approve.

And that kind of sucked. It really sucked. They don't have any moments alone, and that was sad. I wanted them together. I wanted Aria to explain to Perry why she hadn't contacted him at all the five months she was outside at Marron's place. Cause that part broke my heart. Anyway. I can forgive that. Truly. I hope. Still. I liked reading about them both. Both their point of views. But like I said before, I prefer Perry a tiny bit more (A) Especially in this book. But I still love Aria very much. I really do.

Aria doesn't feel very welcome at the Tides. Perry wants her there. And Roar and Cinder. She also gets to know this woman called Molly, who's really kind and sweet. I liked her a lot. Glad Aria did too. But other's don't like her at all. They hate her. They talk bad about her, which Aria hears, since she's an Aud and all. Which must have totally sucked. Anyway. Some bad things happens. Perry isn't doing very well as a Blood Lord. His people don't trust him. And I hated that. I hated it so so so much. Sobs.

I just adored Perry. He's even better in this book, to be honest. He's so sweet and kind and honest. And broken. I always love the broken ones. He tries his best with his tribe, to do well for them. To protect them. And he does that. But they can't see it and it was pissing me off most of the time. Ugh. Anyway. I might be spoiling a bit thing next. But really. I can't see how I can write this review without saying what comes next. It would be impossible. I have to say it. I need to discuss it. So yeah.

Something bad happens, which makes Aria and Roar leave in the middle of the night, to find Liv and the Still Blue at this other Blood Lord's home. The evil one. And omg. I hated that. How she just left Perry without saying goodbye. And then left with Roar as well. I got jealous enough for Perry. Grrrr. Anyway. I understood why she left. I really, truly did. But yeah. I hated it. I wanted Perry with them. He should have been with them. And that made me sad, because he wasn't, and so much awful happened. Sniffs.

Anyway. They leave, and Perry is left behind with his tribe. I won't talk much about that. But yeah. I didn't like those people much. But there were some that I loved. Like his guard, Reef. And his other guards. They were amazing. And loyal. And sweet, to be honest. And yeah. I adored Cinder. He is in this book a lot, and I loved that. Hoping to see even more of him in the last book. There must be more. So many amazing characters in this book. I loved reading about them all, I really did. So, so good.

Then there is Aria and Roar. She has to find the Still Blue, so that she can get Talon back for Perry. She's comunicating with the asshole back at her home, the leader there. I hated him. Also, we get to see more of that asshole Soren in the first book. But yeah. I might have approved of that. Maybe. Anyway. I liked Roar. I did. I just hated that it seemed like he and Aria had something more than a friendship. Even though she never ever thought it. I still didn't like it. It wasn't fair towards Perry, that she had spent many months with Roar back at Marron's. It wasn't fair at all. Anyway. Just didn't like that.

Aria and Roar arrives at the place where the Blood Lord lives. And Liv is there. And so much happens. And I disliked Liv so much, and then I might have liked her, and then my heart broke to a million pieces. This book is just full of heartbreak. But also so so perfect. This book was amazing. The plot is just perfect. And gah. Yeah. I loved this book a lot. So glad that I did. Even if I did dislike a few things. I still loved it. And oh. Perry is just so much love. And Aria. I do like her. She is smart. And a bit sweet :)

There is so much happening in this book. Too much. Not nearly enough. The ending is very intense. And perfect. But it ends way too soon, and I needed so much more. How can I survive waiting another year for the third book? So unfair. But still. I cannot wait. <3 There were a few more things I disliked in this book. But I won't say it, cause it's pretty spoilerish. Anyway. There must be A LOT of talking between Perry and Aria in book three. She has a lot of explaining to do. That must happen. It must.

Anyway. Through the Ever Night is amazing. Full of action and excitement and just everything. Not enough romance, but still some great love. And I just loved the ending even though I disliked how fast it ended. You really must read this sequel if you have read Under the Never Sky. You must. Right away.
Thank you so much to HarperCollins and Edelweiss for the chance to read and review this book early. <3 


  1. I adored this one too, Carina! To be honest, I'm not quite sure about that one major event you talked about in your opening paragraph, I still have some hope that we didn't quite see what we think we've seen. Things happened awfully fast, didn't they? Who knows what went on in that room after the jump. (So careful to be vague and avoid spoilers, hah)
    Anyway, wonderful review!

  2. YES! I am SO glad that you loved this one, Carina, since I did too. I thought the first novel was a taaaad bit better, but this was just SO good. I love how well Rossi knows her characters and how she puts them in scenarios that are so realistic. I felt so much for Roar in this one, but Aria and Perry were perfect as always. Especially Perry's journey of growth! Incredible review, dear! :)


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