Saturday, January 5, 2013

In My Mailbox #62

Happy New Year! I might have gotten a whole lot of stuff this week. Twelve books, swag, The Hobbit, and lots of other amazing things. I also did a lot of reading this week. Right now I'm going to re-read The Fault in Our Stars, which I read for the first time less than a month ago. It is just so perfect. I have also spent a couple of days building my The Hobbit lego, which is all kinds of awesome. I love the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit legos. They are all amazing. Anyway. I'm so pleased with everything I got this week :D One thing was damaged, like ususal, though :\ Still. Also, the swag that I got might be the most perfect. The Madman's Daughter. That book is just amazing. <3 I'm just in love with everything :)
What did you get this week?

Froi of the Exiles. Quintana of Charyn. Finnikin of the Rock. I won these three gorgeous Australian paperback editions from 132 Minutes | Melina Marchetta Fans <3 Thank you so so much :D Perfect.
Falling Kingdoms. I loved this book. So yeah. I need this pretty paperback :D Isn't it gorgeous? <3
Revolution 19. I also have this via Edelweiss, gonna read it soon, I think :) Seems great, I hope ;p
Through the Ever Night. Perfect book. Read an eARC of it this week. It's just so gorgeous as well.
Opal. I still haven't read this series.. but now I own all the books, lol. I hope to start it soon, maybe :)
Blood-Kissed Sky. I haven't read book one yet.. but yeah. I enjoy having all the books before starting.
Beautiful Creatures. Another pretty paperback edition. I adore it. It isn't perfect looking, though :\
Infinity. I bought this on sale a month ago. Took forever to arrive. But it does look good, hope it is :)
Snow White & The Huntsman. I bought this one sale too. I have 1 already.. but I wanted pretty poster :)
Water for Elephants. Oh. Pretty US dvd. <3 I love it. But.. sniffs.. the dvd cover is damaged :\ Grrr.

The Madman's Daughter. PERFECT swag. I got these from the auther. <3 Megan is amazing. And omg. I loved this book so much. And this swag is so pretty. I love it so so so much. Perfect bookmarks.
Origin swag. I love this bookplate. It's so pretty. And omg. Origin is a perfect book! You must read it.
The Archived swag. Got these because I pre-ordered the book :D It was so good. So pretty bookmarks.

Rise of the Guardians. A whole bunch of amazing stuff that I got from ebay. Pretty cheap too. I love it all :D Sigh. I want to see this movie now, please.. I love the tattoos. And stickers. And the toys :D They are perfect. Sigh. Love. And omg! Jack Frost holiday ornament. <3 He is perfect. I love him.
Brave stickers. Got these from the same seller. Hih. They are gorgeous as well :) I love them.
The Hobbit & Rise of the Guardians 3D glasses. These are pretty awesome. Have 3 RotG copies :)
Pretty bows for my iPhone. <3 These are pretty gorgeous. Two sets. Gonna buy more, via ebay :)
Wreck-it Ralph. Yeah. She is gorgeous. But omg. She has these big damages as well :( Sniffss.
ParaNorman CD. I watched this movie some time ago. It was pretty awesome :D Hope CD is good ;p
Frankenweenie. Haven't seen this movie yet. But soon. I wanted the CDs from it as well :) Prettyy.

The Hobbit Lego. Omg. This was kind of expensive. But it's so amazing. I love it very, very much. 
Brave Puzzles. These are so, so pretty. I adore these very much. I just need everything Brave :)
The Hobbit Chronicles. I got a new copy, because first one was damaged. And it is so pretty.. <3 

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  1. Happy new year, Carina:) Here you had a lot great things. Love all of it, you are very lucky:)

  2. Oh, I really really want to read Madman's Daughter! It sounds really amazing =D
    Great haul, actually you always got very great haul every week ;)

  3. Oooh Opal I ordered it on Tuesday it says Shipping Soon I want it to be shipping now haha! The other books you got look great too!

  4. I can't wait to get a copy from Falling Kingdoms :) And I also want to read Snow white and the huntsman (saw the movie yesterday), Origin & The madman's daughter. Great stuff Carina!


  5. I really need to read Beautiful Creatures! Everyone has been raving crazily about that book and I've yet to read it, I seriously need to get myself a copy :)

    My IMM

  6. Happy New Year! You always get such amazing things in your mailbox! How great that you are rereading The Fault in Our Stars. I have it on my pile to read soon! I have a few books ahead of it- but I can't wait. I have been wanting to read it since I first heard about it! Happy reading and Happy New Year!

  7. Oh Revolution 19 is on my wish list! I'm interested to see where the story goes. Enjoy all the awesome!

    My IMM:

  8. I really enjoyed Opal and I want to read Through the Ever Night sometime this year!

    My StS

  9. Ooh, your IMM's are always the best! I ADORED TTEN and FK. <3

  10. AH!! U always have some of the cutest toys & books!! I have to read Falling kingdoms & Madman's Daughter, LOVE the SWAG =D also I read ALL of Sherrilyn Kenyon's books (adult & YA) and can say that she is a favorite of mine!! I hope u enjoy Infinity & it was totally worth the wait. I have an ARC of Revolution 19 that im going to start this week, hope it's good too. Also I SO NEED that Jack Frost Ornament, even if Xmas is over, i <3 him too ^_^

    -AWESOME stack this week Carina!!
    Lisseth @ Read-A-holicZ [My StS]

    1. <3 Sigh. I very much want to watch Rise of the Guardians :) Hope it will be up for download soon :D Not on English here in Norway :\

  11. Oh my gosh, look at all these pretties!!! Amazing mailbox this week! I've been looking forward to Revolution 19's release. Awesome book swag too, those bookmarks are so lovely *o* Happy reading this week!

    Vivi's Shelf

    1. Thank you so much :D Would comment on your blog post, but it says I have to be invited to see your blog :\ <3

  12. Carina, I am so jealous! I desperately want those Aussie covers for The Lumatere Chronicles, so I'm saving up so I can get them. Gosh, they are GORGEOUS! :) I really enjoyed Opal, better than the last two books, and that finished copy of TtEN is beautiful! I'm so jealous you got yours already - I never get mine until well after the release date, despite my pre-orders! Anyway, enjoy all these lovely books and that AWESOME swag! :D

  13. Oh Carina, your mailbox is awesome this week. So many wonderful books. Falling Kingdoms was fantastic. I love Aussie authors, but haven't read any of Melina Marchetta. I have seen a lot of good things about The Madman's Daughter, will have to check it out. Happy reading!

    Katie ~ My Mailbox

  14. Need to get Opal because I bought Obsidian a while ago and plan on reading it. I spot Water for Elephants. Such an amazing film. Great haul!

  15. Ooo, Through the Ever Night!!! My copy should be here soon. And OPAL! I loved Opal so much. Quite the end! I'm jealous of your The Madman's Daughter sawg. Great haul! Hope you enjoy EVERYTHING! :)

    My Stacking the Shelves


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