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Book Recommendation: Across the Universe by Beth Revis

It's been more than a year since I first read this book. I remember it being a favorite back then. And now with book three coming out, I needed to re-read it. And oh. It was even better this time, I think. This book is amazing. The writing is perfect. The characters are so good and so well done. The story is unique and exciting and perfect. Everything about this book is amazing. So glad I decided to re-read it. I'm recommending you to read this book because it is perfect. And everyone should read it at least once.

There is one thing that upsets me, though. And that is the book cover. The cover for Across the Universe and A Million Suns are the best covers ever. The most beautiful ones. And I am so not happy about the cover change for book three, Shades of Earth. It wasn't fair. And I'm not happy about it at all. I adore these covers. And I really, really want that final cover to be the same, because I want to know what it would look like. There is nothing I adore more than a pretty cover. But, I'll manage. Maybe :)

Across the Universe has a unique story line. It takes place in space. Okay, it might not be so unique, I just have never read a space book before, or heard of one. At least not a Young Adult one. The story in this book is so amazing. It is full of mystery. And exciting things. And deaths. And heart-racing moments. Awful moments. Sweet and happy moments. It's also full of surprises. Lies and betrayals. This book really has it all. And that it all kinds of perfect. To make it even better, the writing is flawless.

This is the story of Amy and Elder. This book is written from both point of views, different person for each chapter. In some books that annoys me, but in this one I loved it so much. The point of views works so well, and I loved them both just as much. Thankfully. It starts with Amy. She's with her parents, about to get frozen and put on a ship leaving for space. It will take 300 years to reach this new planet that they going to. They will all be frozen until then. Amy is unsure, but she do it for her parents.

And oh. The beginning was kind of brutal. There was so much pain. But it was also perfect, and I kind of wanted more. I'm not sure how I felt about Amy's parents. We only saw them for a moment, but they didn't seem to believe in their daughter. But I did like Amy. She seemed amazing. And she's so kind. And she loves her parents so much. The pain of being frozen.. it's awful. I doubt I could ever do it. We get to read about it a lot. And it's so bad, and so amazingly written I couldn't help but love it like crazy.

And then she's frozen. But oh. She's isn't sleeping. Maybe. I'm still unsure what was true about that part. But we see some chapters of her where she's dreaming and thinking and not having her brain frozen while her body is. It seemed so awful and heartbreaking. But it was also so amazing, to be honest. That's when we meet Elder. It's in the future, and he's aboard Godspeed, the space ship. There are over 2,000 people living there. It's huge. There is one leader, Eldest, and Elder, who is leader-in-training.

I loved reading about Elder's life. He's sixteen, and he's mostly alone. He has at least one friend, Harley. He is pretty amazing. We learn a lot about him as well, and it broke my heart so much. But he's so sweet and unique and amazing. Anyway. Elder is perfect. He's kind and sweet and thoughtful. He will be the perfect leader. At least I think so. He cares a lot. I won't say that much about where he lives. Just that it is such amazing to read and learn everything! It sounds so nice and awful and just perfect.

Godspeed seems like an amazing place. But also so sad and depressing. I loved reading everything we learned about it. Like Doc. Kind of hated him. And Orion. Hated him as well, mostly. He was kind. Then there was Luthe. And oh. He was goddamn awful. But I also kind of liked that he was in this book. Anyway. Back to Amy! She gets woken from the sleep too early. 50 years before Godspeed is to land on the new Earth. Someone unplugged her, tried to kill her. She's not happy about it all. Really not.

Because Amy was woken up too early, she's all alone. She can't wake her parents, since they are needed for the new planet. And she can't be re-frozen, because that could kill her. Plus side, she has Elder. And Elder seems to like her a whole lot. And oh. They are just adorable. And I loved them both so much. And I won't say more about the plot. Just that it is all a bit mystery and it's amazing and I never wanted this book to end. Cannot wait to re-read A Million Suns tomorrow :D It will be amazing. So excited.

There is some romance in this book. But there isn't much. I wished for more. There might be a tiny bit more in book two. If I remember right. But I'm unsure. I do think there will be lots more in book three, though, so I'm dying for that :D One thing I disliked in this book. That Amy had a boyfriend back on Earth, Jason :p I didn't like that she thought of him. Everything she did with him. It might be wrong of me to be annoyed about it, but I still am. Still, I'm dealing with it :D I hope. Most likely, I think ;p Anyway. Across the Universe is an amazing book. It is perfect. And you really, really need to read it.

My old review of Across the Universe. Book Depository. Beth Revis.


  1. I have this book and enjoyed it very much. I'm not too fond of this kind of books, but this was okey. Have just read this, no one else in the series.

  2. Sounds fantastic! Can't wait to pick it up!


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