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Book Recommendation: Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers

It's been almost a year since I first read this book. I remember loving it. But yeah. It had been a long time, so I didn't remember all the details. Knew there was one thing I didn't like, but when I re-read it now, I didn't mind that part at all. I have gotten accepted to read a review copy of the sequel; Dark Triumph. And I needed to re-read this one first. And oh. I am so glad that I did. Loved Grave Mercy even more this time. The writing is just so stunning. And the world is amazing. Characters perfect.

I'm not reading my old review of this book before I write this book recommendation, because it's been such a long time since I wrote and read it, and my views have changed a bit since then. Grave Mercy is an amazing Fantasy book. It may not have that much action, but I loved every page. And the action that was there was amazing. The middle of the book might be a bit slow. Nothing much happens, but still everything is happening. I loved the slow parts very much. Every page was just amazing. Loved it.

There is a lot of historical things in this book. It's set very far back. And I kind of loved that very much. I may not be a fan of God at all, and while there is talk about him in this book, it is more about Death, so I didn't mind it at all. And I loved learning about Death. It was unique and amazing. So much love. This story is different. And I loved it all. I won't spend forever talking about the plot and everything. But there is a few things I must explain a tiny bit. Won't be too much, though, as I'm not that good ;p

This is a book about Assassins. And nuns. And ah. It is so damn amazing. There is a lot of killing in this book. By daggers. By poison. Grave Mercy is the story about Ismae. But it isn't only about her. It is also about the young duchess, Anne. And of course, Duval. Sigh. There is a whole bunch of amazing characters in this book. I won't name them all. But they are all amazing, and written so well. They all take a big part in this story. And I feel that they will in the next one as well. So, so very excited.

Ismae is an amazing character. She's seventeen, and she's been trained in the arts of Death for the past three years at the convent. I may not have liked some of those parts. Like how the nuns decided who needed to die. And how they were all killed. They are all girls or women. And they kill just men who have done wrong (they claim.) There are so many ways to kill a man. A million poisons. And those were just awful. Ahh. I kind of hated them and liked them a little bit. But sounded so, so painful. Shudders.

Anyway. Ismae is an amazing person. She's sweet and kind and just all kinds of loving. She has had a very hard life. Because of her scar. A huge ugly scar on her back that she got before she was born. And it was awful and I hated her father and I hated the beginning of this book but I also loved it because it was perfect. I loved Ismae. I loved the friends that she found and the convent. Annith and Sybella. They seemed amazing. I loved how strong she was. How determined. I just adored everything about her.

This is where Duval comes in. Ismae has just started getting assignments, killing jobs. She is thrilled about it. Since she has worked so hard for it. And it was kind of amazing. Then she gets this mission to kind of go guard the young duchess. As Duval's mistress. Which was kind of amazing. I have no idea how old he is, though. Twenty five, maybe? I'm not sure. Either way. He was amazing. So kind. And caring. And just perfect. I loved him. A perfect character, and a perfect love interest. Wanted more of him.

We get to know Duval a lot. And the duchess, Anne. She is just twelve, and I hated how things were for her. It broke my heart. A lot of things in this book broke my heart. But they were all amazing as well, and I loved reading it all. I don't want to spoil this book. But yeah. There is a lot of talking in this book. Lots of arguing with tons of different people. I found it all to be amazing. The plot in this book is just so good, and I wanted more and more and more. I loved the ending as well. A bit too soon, though.

There is romance in this book. But it is very, very slow. Nothing much happens at first. But there is some passion between Ismae and Duval, even so. And I loved it. They fit together really well. So glad there wasn't a love triangle in this book. Anyway. Their romance is amazing. It isn't very much, but I loved every moment. Wish it had been more, but I am happy with what there were. It was just so very sweet. And I adored Duval so much. And Ismae. Sigh. I cannot decide what more to say about this book.

The story in this book is just so good. Grave Mercy is an amazing book. A bit slow at times, but I loved every part of it. I just, yeah. This book was amazing, and I don't know what else to say about it. It is fascinating. It is exciting. It is heartbreaking. This book has it all. It broke my heart a lot of times. Made me cry. But it also made me smile a lot, because there is a lot of happy scenes and yeah. Ending is a bit depressing, but I also loved it, because it is also very happy. I want more and more and more.

I'm very glad that I peeked a tiny bit at the end of Dark Triumph before reading Grave Mercy again. Because of that I was able to pay more attention to a few characters. Some characters that I'll get to know more in the second book. Like Sybella. Oh. I loved the small glimpses we got of her in this book. It was just amazing. But also heartbreaking, because she seems so sad and broken. Get the feeling Dark Triumph will break my heart. But I also cannot wait for it. That sequel will be beyond amazing.

Grave Mercy is an amazing book. Perfect writing. I could not put it down today while I re-read it. Even though it is 550 pages. It is all worth reading. I loved every minute of this book. And I cannot wait to read the rest of this series. The world Robin has created is just amazing. She is amazing. And yeah. I kind of adore her. The characters she has created is also so damn perfect. They are flawed. Very flawed. But they are also so amazing and kind and loving. Couldn't help loving them all. You need to read this.


  1. How fun! I love that you enjoyed the book even more the second time around. That say a lot. I must read this one!

  2. Your review actually pushed me to read the book immediately, Carina, so big thank you to you ! :)

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  3. I admit I bought the book because the first word I read was my name Brittany and I am a bit narcissistic and I had to buy it! I was named for the country Brittany. I loved it, this is a tale of a girl abused for being sired by the god of death, and abused by all the men in her life, she is weak and scared in the opening of the book. But she is offered a chance to become an assassin for Death, and it takes her on a journey to save Brittany, the country. Filled with mystery, sorrow, and love!
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  4. Grave Mercy was a little lighter on the assassinations and supernatural than I was expecting, but what the book lacked doesn't matter when you're lost in such an amazing world and story line. So be the sheep and flock to this book, then be the wolf and devour every page.

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