Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mini Review: As They Slip Away by Beth Revis

This short story was evil. But perfect. So, so perfect. It's written very well, just as good as Across the Universe and A Million Suns. There is no Elder in this book. But I didn't mind that. This short story is the story of Selene. A girl we kind of get to know a tiny bit in the first two books. Although we never learned her name. She is the rabbit girl. And her fate is beyond sad. But perfect. I loved reading about Selene and her friends.

Selene is an amazing character. This story is from her point of view only. Which I loved. We get to know of her past, and a bit before she died. Which was the worst parts, really. It was awful. And heartbreaking. This story was brutal. But also really, really great. Because Selene seemed like such an amazing person. So kind and sweet. Loved that she sang. She was happy.

This short story is less than fifty pages long. I won't spoil everything that happens. But I will talk a bit about what it's about and the characters. I adored Selene. And we also got to see more of Harley and Kayleigh and Victria and Orion and Bartie. But also Luthor. Harley is adorable like always. Sigh. I wished there were more of him in the books.. I loved reading about him and Kayleigh. They were just so sweet together. Sobs and sobs.

I also enjoyed reading more about Victria. She's kind of awesome. A bit angry. And a bit sad. Kind of hated that Bartie loved her, because I wanted him to care for Selene, like she loved him half her life.. It was all just so sad. Sniffs. But oh. I loved reading about them all. The crazy kids at the hospital. They were all perfect. Except for Luthor. At first he did seem sweet and kind. There is kind of a romance between him and Selene. And I might have liked it for a bit. But then it all changes. And ahh.

As They Slip Away is horrible. Perfect. I loved every page of it. But oh. I wanted it longer and longer. It was so good, and I never wanted it to end, because the ending is so damn sad. There is so much death in these books by Beth. Sobs. But it is also so perfect. This short story was amazing. And I'm hoping very much that Beth will write more about this amazing series. I cannot wait to read Shades of Earth in a few days. It will be perfect. Also, I adore Beth. In case you didn't know that already :D Met her too. <3

My Book Recommendation of Across the Universe. 
My Book Recommendation of A Million Suns.


  1. Oh sweet. A novella set in this world. Should I read this book before Shades of the Earth?

  2. I'm not reading your review because I still haven't started this series, but I need to!!!! I've heard so many good things about it! I hope you have enjoyed them (I'm assuming you did since you read the novella, and if you're like me, I don't read the novellas unless I'm in love with the books).

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  3. I enjoyed the first book of this series but never did get around to the second. I planned to before Shades of Earth released! :P Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed this short story. It looks like you got a lot of of those 50 pages. Brilliant review!

    1. <3 thank you sweetie :D Ahh. You really need to read A Million Suns! So good :)

  4. It is always nice when we want a book to be longer! Better than when we want them to be shorter. :)


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