Friday, September 21, 2012

Title Reveal: The Hallowed Ones #2 by Laura Bickle

Most of you probably haven't read The Hallowed Ones by Laura Bickle yet. Because it isn't out until September 25th. But believe me, you will love it. And when it does come out, you need to buy it. And read it. And love it. Then read it again. It is perfect. My review of it is here. Anyway. While the first book isn't out yet, the title and release for the sequel has been announced :D And I am beyond excited. Because The Hallowed Ones was so amazing, and there needed to be a sequel. It will come out Fall 2013, and I cannot wait. <3 Sigh. It will be perfect. Also, Laura is amazing :) Anyway. The title is ..


Which I totally love! Because it makes so much sense. When you have read the book ;) And I cannot wait for this sequel. Needs it now. So excited for more of Katie and Alex. And the Outside. This sequel will be epic. Will you be getting The Hallowed Ones? You must. <3 You'll love it :) Promise. Also, perfect cover.


  1. Thanks so much for being the first to spread the word! :-D

  2. I just added this on my goodreads review-wishlist! and the synopsis was freaking awesome! im dying to read this Carina. thanks for this great post, i found a new book. x



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