Saturday, September 1, 2012

Review: Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry

I have had this book for a few months now. But haven't picked it up before because I wasn't sure if I would like it, considering it's a contemporary book. But they I read Speechless today, and it too was a contemporary book, and I suddenly needed to read this book right away. So I did. And I cannot decide if I liked this book more than Speechless. I think I did. Maybe. A bit confused. Because I didn't approve of the ending, and some things very near the ending. So I'm conflicted. But I did love the book a lot.

Pushing the Limits is an interesting book. The writing is really good, so was really happy about that. And the characters are really loveable. And that I was even more pleased with. This book is from Echo's and Noah's point of view. Each chapter is a switch. And I adored that. Because I loved both of their voices; loved reading from them both. And omg. This book is so sad. Made me cry. But it also made me smile, a few times. This book is amazing. It's full of heartbreak. But some happiness as well.

The plot in this book is really complicated. Well, okay, not really. But it felt like the book was so long, and so much stuff happened in it. That was awesome, though, but yeah, there was a lot happening. This book is about two teens struggling through their lives. They are both in pain, they both have it bad. And they are both amazing. Somehow their paths cross. And that is so perfect. Made this book really awesome, lol ;) And I just adored the romance between them. When it finally happened. Ugh.

Because someone told me there was no love triangle in this book. And there isn't. Because neither of them are with any other people. But for almost the first two hundred pages Echo is "dating" her ex-boyfriend, Luke. And I could not stand that. Not happy about it at all. So, yeah, was not pleased about that. But I dealed with it. Mostly. There is a lot of great characters in this book. I did really like Echo's best friend, Lila. She really was a true friend. :) Not like that other one, Grace. Not pleased.

But first, the main characters. Echo. She is a broken girl. And I loved her past. It is so awful, and painful, and heart-breaking and it's just so perfect. I loved it so much. Won't spoil it, but yeah, it is really great. :) And sad. Very sad. Echo has some awful scars as well, and I loved that. But it was also really awful for her. One point in the book I hated near the end, there is something about her scars, and Noah isn't there. Not sure I can forgive that. I didn't like it one bit :p Sure others did, though.

Echo is mostly a normal girl. At least, she tries to be. I think she's better when she's with Noah. I mostly didn't approve of some of her choices. But, yeah, all that happened near the end, after 300 pages. Really didn't like what she decided about her dad and Ashley at the end of the book. I wouldn't have done that. I just didn't approve of it. But I could understand it. Somehow. Anyway. Echo is an awesome girl. She is kind, broken, but also strong. A great female lead character :)

Then there is Noah. He is the school's stoner. He has two best friends; Isaiah and Beth. And I did like them a whole lot :) Well, okay, Beth was a bitch a lot of times. But I did like her. Anyway. Noah may seem like such an asshole, such a tough guy. But he isn't. Noah is really broken. And it's horrible. But it's also perfect. I loved every part of it. It's just really well written. Noah is perfect. With lots of flaws, all whom I adored. He is kind and loving and protective. I did adore him a whole lot.

The school counselor, Mrs. Collins was also totally awesome. She was really supportive, and kind. At first I kind of hated her. But I grew to love her. She was a great character. :) Other characters I hated: Carrie and Joe. I didn't like them one bit. Assholes. Ugh. I did love Jacob and Tyler though. <3 Sigh. But damn it. So much heartbreak. It isn't fair. Not one bit. And it is making me cry again :( I didn't approve of that ending. It wasn't right. At least not in my mind. It was also too sad, in a way. Unfair.

Pushing the Limits is an amazing love story. But it isn't just that. It is also kind of a horror story. In it's own way. Because of some awful things that are being relived. They were amazing to read about, but also awful. I loved it. This really was an amazing read. And I think lots of people will love it. :) Not gonna say more about the book, because I don't want to spoil anything :) It is too awesome to read for yourself. So, yeah. Get on that. I need to read more contemporary books, I think. Maybe :)

I'm not sure how to rate this book. I loved it a whole lot. But there was also these few parts that I didn't like one bit. Disliked the parting after page three hundred. Disliked a lot about the ending. But I loved the characters, and the story. And I adore the name Noah. So I'm giving this book a five star. But it's more of a four point five star. But, yeah, closer to five than four :) I really did enjoy it.


  1. I'm amazed by how fast you read! You just picked this up today AND reviewed it in the same day? You must have super powers, Carina. ;)

    I'm glad you enjoyed it in the end despite hating a few parts. I gave it 4 stars, but I really enjoyed it too. I agree, Noah is a great name! :D

    1. Heeh, yeah, I did :D Also picked up Speechless and read and reviewed it about an hour before starting Pushing the Limits :D It made my head hurt, though :p But both books were worth it. :)

  2. Great review, Carina! I didn't like the parting in the ending, too, but... well, after I finished reading it, I realized it was necessary, and it fit the story. I'm glad you enjoyed it, nonetheless ^-^


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