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Review: The Diviners by Libba Bray

This is a long book. I read it on my iPad, and it might have taken me a little while, but all those pages were perfect. I really loved this book. Unsure how to rate it, though. I'm thinking a five star. Cause I really did love it. But I also had a few issues in the beginning, but they didn't last for long. And mostly I loved all of this book. Even the kind of bittersweet ending. I even enjoyed the creepy murders. And there were a lot of those. So many people being killed. But also so interesting.

I think this book was based in 1925. A bit confused, cause it was never mentioned, but adding up the numbers from some things happening in this book says 1925 :) I do like the time this book is set in. But historical books also confuse me a little bit at times. This one didn't, though. Not very much, at least. In the beginning I was a tiny bit confused by the writing and the way people were speaking. Didn't take me long to get used to it, though. And I ended up loving it all, the time, the speaking.

Going to talk a bit about the plot, then the characters. Most of them. The story in The Diviners is perfect. I really loved it all. Even though it creeped me the fuck out all the time. I loved it. I like scary books. Even though it scares me so much at times. Yet, I cannot help but love it so much. Just like scary movies. This book is about a murderer. A big one. And a religion one. I don't like reading about religion; because I don't believe in any of it. So those parts bothered me a bit. There weren't that much of the religion, though. So happy about that :)

The murderer in this book is a real creep. My god, how I hated him. We never read from his point of view, but we got the point of view from many of the people he killed. Their final moments. Although, never the point where he killed them. So it wasn't that bad. But yeah, it was still pretty awful. And kind of awesome as well. The main characters in this book does not know who the killer is at first, they are just searching for him. But we know. From the beginning. Will share some of it ;p

The murderer is Naughty John. At first I thought it was something perverse and disgusting. But it was just murders; thankfully. (Not that that isn't awful enough.) He has this song.. Which I will share. It is awful. But also kind of amazing. So creepy to read about it; cause he sings and hums it often.
"Naughty John, Naughty John, does his work with his apron on. Cuts your throat and takes your bones. Sells 'em off for a coupla stones...." Yeah. It was pretty creepy. But kind of catching o.O

Won't say more of John. There is a lot to him. Lots of him in this book. And I loved that plot twist. Was pretty awesome ;) Anyway. The title of this book: The Diviners. It means some special people. There is a lot of special people in this book. People with special powers. Like main character Evie. She can hold any object and is then able to tell your secrets. It was pretty awesome. But also gave her a wicked headache. There is lots of power in this book. Healing. The Sight. So much amazing.

A bit disappointed that we didn't get to see more of these powers. But this book ends so good and awful that there MUST be so much more about it in the next book. There must be. Anyway. The plot in this book is perfect. The Diviners is a thriller. In my eyes. It is full of mystery. Suspense. This book has it all. It does not have romance. Not really. Just a little bit at the end. But that was sweet. And there must be more in book two. Just, no love triangle. Pretty please? It's all I ask of you. All I want.

Won't share more of the plot. Just know it is perfect, and so much is happening. All the time. It's perfect. This book might be all kinds of long, but I felt like everything needed to be there. Like Uncle Will's museum. Museum of the Creepy Crawlies. A nickname, that it. We spent some time in this museum, and while it might be a bit boring, I found it pretty interesting. Plus, Uncle Will is kind of awesome :) Full of secrets, but still kind and sweet. Wish to know more about him in book two.

Time to start mentioning the characters. Just talked about Will. Then there is the main character; Evie. Will is her Uncle. There is a lot about Evie. At first I disliked her a lot. She kissed so many boys.. might be weird of me, but I disapproved of that :p It happened before this book started, though, so I'm not mad about it. Much. She is a pretty cool girl. Rebellious. But I liked that about her. She's from a small town; and then she gets shipped off to her Uncle Will in New York. Which she loves.

She has a best friend there. Mabel. And I'm unsure about Mabel. I did like her. She's kind and a good friend. But she was a bit boring. She annoyed me a few times. But I also really liked her. She has this thing for Jericho. The young man living with Will. He doesn't care for her, though. And I approved of that. Hih. Cause I want Jericho and Evie to be together. They fit together so well. But Evie worries about Mabel.. but I liked the last page from her pov, seems to be a new guy; hopefully, for Mabel :)

You see, Jericho is an amazing boy. He's pretty huge. And blond. But he's kind and sweet. And he's broken. Very broken. Loved getting to know of his past. I loved him. Period. He's an amazing character. And I just wanted more from him. Disappointed that there weren't flirting between Jericho and Evie. Wanted that so much. Maybe in the sequel. <3 I hope. Then there was Sam. Ugh. He likes Evie. Flirts with her all the time. But I don't think she is interested at all. Not like that. Thank god.

He's a weird character. He, like Evie, has a power. Won't say what it is, cause I don't want to give everything away :) But it is an awesome power. I just didn't like the dude :p Well, okay, I liked him. Just hated that he might become a goddamn love triangle in the sequel. Don't you dare to let that happen, Libba! *Hopes* <3 He is a bit mysterious, and he's all alone. So I couldn't really hate him. I'm also really curious to know all about his mother; and what will happen in the sequel. Excited :)

Then there is Memphis. I kind of adored him. He's living with his younger brother and their aunt. Hated her. But I loved his brother. They both have powers. And my god. I worry for his brother. Some things broke my heart. And I worry for Memphis too. He has a pretty big part in this book; lots of pov's from him. He meets this girl; Theta. She's friends with Evie and live in the same apartment building as her and Mabel. She lives with Henry; her gay best friend. Memphis and her start a relationship; and I loved that so much. They were sweet together and there must be more of that.

Theta and Henry. They are amazing characters. Both with amazing powers. Sigh. We so need to read more about those powers. I loved them all. A bit different and unique, and so perfect. At first I thought of Theta as a bimbo. But she isn't. She's an excellent dancer, and she's really kind and sweet. She has the most awful past. Almost made me cry. It is so goddamn awful. And I loved her all the more because of it. It gives her a lot of character. Might be the most interesting person in this book :) Maybe.

My god, I have talked forever in this review of mine! lol. But I did need to mention it all. Really, I did (A) Just like writing about it all once I have started. Anyway. There was this one character I disliked. Blind Bill. He was goddamn awful near the end. And I'm worried about what will happen about him in book two.. also worried about this new villain at the end. Makes me nervous. But also excited. Sigh. The Diviners was a perfect book. Loved everything in it. Mostly :D

Just wished there had been more romance. But I did love the last few pages. Even though it kind of felt like Evie was taking advantage.. still, I'm super excited for book two. Hoping it will be out very soon :) Because I'm not sure I can go forever waiting to see what happens next. I'm impatient. Decided on a four point five / five star. If you like a good thriller book with lots of amazing characters; then you really should read this book. I'm pretty sure you would love it :)


I wanted to share this quote with you all. It is perfect. I love it. A good teaser, I think ;) It isn't until 85% in, though :p But still. It is an really amazing quote. And ahh. I love it so much :)

Evie bent her arm, propped her head up with one hand. Jericho sat up and draped the sheet around him, but not before Evie sneaked a furtive glance at his chest - the soft golden hair, the beautiful muscle, the long older scar alongside the newer one made by Uncle Will. She wanted to touch him, to place a kiss at the center of his chest.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed this, Carina! I'm up next-ish for me, as soon as I finish the Immortal Beloved books. I can't wait! Naughty John sounds... interesting. ;) It's such a long book this one (kind of scary!) but I'm glad to hear it's good. :)

    1. Yay! Hope you'll love it ;) Hih. It is an interesting book ;p and it's awesome. and scary. and kind of perfect :) <3


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