Thursday, September 13, 2012

Shadow and Bone: Movie News!

Yesterday was an amazing day. And if you still haven't heard it, Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo will be a movie! A movie produced by the same person who produced the Harry Potter movies. And that is beyond amazing. I cannot wait for this movie. So excited to see who will be cast as Mal and Alina. And the rest of the characters as well :) Excited to see the Grisha come to life. And the Volcra. Those will be really creepy and amazing. Sigh. I am just beyond excited for this movie to finally come to life <3 Will watch it a thousand times :) No way it can be better than the book, but I do hope it is amazing ;p

I do hope David Heyman and DreamWorks will make this a perfect movie. Also, hoping there won't be much cutting from it. Hope it will be just as the book <3 Cause the book really is perfection. Want to read more about the movie deal? Check out Entertainment Weekly and Leigh's Tumblr post. <3 Have I mentioned yet how much I adore her? Because I really do :) She's so kind and sweet. I do adore reading her tweets, so you must follow her on twitter and on tumblr :) Sharing some fanart longer down.

Still haven't read Shadow and Bone? Then you really must do so. I promise you that you'll love it. The writing is perfect, the characters is perfect, and the story is unique and exciting and so well written. Plus, Mal is totally hot. The romance is sweet in this book. At least I thought so :) You must read it. And have you seen the cover? It is perfect. I adore it. And I do have three hardcovers of it. <3 Hih :)


Cannot wait to see the places in this amazing map come to life :D Especially the Unsea.

Shadow and Bone Fan Art. Clicking on them takes you to the artist and their thoughts on the art :)

Mal. <3

Alina :)

And this quote which I adore. Do not remember which blog I found it from :\ Do you know?

My very long book recommendation of Shadow and Bone.
Shadow and Bone on Goodreads. Buy it here. Leigh Bardugo. Her awesome website.
Also! Via Hebel Design you can now order many different jewelry of Shadow and Bone. <3

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