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Review: Ashen Winter by Mike Mullin

I read the first book in this series; Ashfall many months ago. In August 2011. I thought I would have to re-read it before starting Ashen Winter; but then I realized I remember everything that happened in Ashfall. And that made me really happy. Plus Ashen Winter lets us know many things that has happened in the book. Which I really loved.

I didn't easily get started on this book. In two days I read 30 pages. But I am to blame for that; not the book. Then I decided that I wanted and needed to read it. And I read all the 566 pages in less than 9 hours. And oh. They are awesome pages! I really loved this book. Although some things I sort of hated. But mostly I loved this book. I love the main character; Alex. And I loved the writing.

Ashen Winter starts were Ashfall ended. Sort of. Alex and Darla are still with his Uncle and family; only it has been 6 months. Nothing much happened in those 6 months gone; but we did learn about the important parts :) (Side note; really happy that their hair is back again. Hih.) Alex still hasn't heard anything from his parents. Which is when they happen to come across a gun his father had when he left to find Alex they decide to start searching for them. Well, Alex and Darla do :)

Really enjoyed the beginning of this book; it starts of brutal right away. Not going to spoil it for you; just know that it is sort of awesome :) For the most part. Alex and Darla then begins to travel to look for them. They learn from "someone" where his parents are supposed to be. So they know where they are going. But then a lot of bad things happen. So, so many bad things. But oh, is was awesome to read about.

There is a lot of action and things are happening all the time. The plot in this book is just so good. It's a bit hard to explain, really. But it is really, really good. Although most of it is horrible; lots of death and some torture. But, yeah, it is written well. While they are searching for Alex's parents something really horrible happens. I do not wish to spoil it; but I see no way of writing this review without doing so. Considering it happens before 200 pages into the book. So beware! Big SPOILER ahead. Well, sort of ;)

Alex and Darla gets seperated. I won't say how, but it is bad. But Alex goes searching for her as well. And I really loved that. Although I sort of didn't like the people he found first. Ben and Alyssa. Although I did really like Ben; he was great. Didn't like Alyssa much. Although I felt very, very sorry for her; and I hated what had happened to her. But she almost made it a love triangle; and I hate that :p

Anyway! That's all I will say about the plot :D There is so so many things happening in this book. It would take me forever if I talked about them all. Even though I sort of wish to. There is many of the same characters from Ashfall in this book; and I really liked that :) Many new characters too, though. And I liked most of them. I think. Then there are the Peckerwoods. And omg. I hated them. But I also loved how well written it was; and it made the story so good.

If you have not read Ashfall you really should do so. And if you have read Ashfall; you REALLY need to get Ashen Winter :) Because it is amazing. Such a great sequel. It has awesome writing, amazing characters, some great romance, and lots of action. It is also super long, but I loved that :) The covers for this series it really amazing. I love the cover for Ashfall; but I think I love Ashen Winter more :D The cover make so much sense after reading the book.

With how Ashen Winter ended I really think there should be a third book. But it doesn't have to be. But, yeah, I really, really want a sequel :) I finished reading this book on April 5th 2012.
Thank you to NetGalley and to Tanglewood for the chance to read Ashen Winter early. <3

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  1. My feelings were invested in all their decision making. The pacing was fast and action packed! I was glued to every page, nothing was slow or left me bored. It was seriously like BAM! This happened BAM! That happened, BAM! Twists and turns were everywhere... this is a book I couldn’t put down, which hasn’t happened to me in a while. If you’re looking for thrills, action, romance and suspense all packed into one book, this book is for you!
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