Saturday, September 22, 2012

In My Mailbox #48

Got lots of awesome this week. <3 Still waiting on tons, though. Really happy with what I got this week :D US hardcover of Stormdancer is gorgeous. <3 Loved that book. Didn't get only books, though ;p Never do get only books. Hih. Love getting all kinds of different things :) Latest obsession is Studio Ghibli movies. Those movies are amazing. Also got some pretty swag <3 Loves. Haven't read much this week. Read one book last saturday, two last sunday. But today I'm going to start The Raven Boys :)
What did you get this week?

Underworld I may not have loved this series, but this paperback is gorgeous :)
Demon Eyes Excited to read it! :D First book was pretty awesome ;) Plus, Scott is pretty cool.
On The Road I may dislike Kristen a whole lot at the moment, but this movie does seem good.
Breaking Dawn Movie-Tie-In Pretty Rob on the cover. <3 Sigh. Adore him. Pretty poster too :D
Crown of Embers I did love the first book. Mostly. And I am super excited for this sequel ;)
Glass Heart I must read Cold Kiss very soon. Because these books seem all kinds of awesome.
False Memory Won this via Me and Reading. <3 Been wanting to read it for a while now :)
Iron Legends Got my second copy of this book. <3 Hih. I adore it. Must read it very soon :D
Stormdancer Sigh. I loved this book. US hardcover is so damn pretty. Loves it a whole lot.
The Raven Boys Reading this next! So excited. Loved The Scorpio Races. <3 Seems amazing :)
Gustav Gloom I only had an ARC of this book. And it was pretty awesome. Loves it :D
The Archived Swag. Got this from Victoria. <3 I love it so much. Cannot wait to read this book :)
Spirited Away DVD. Another edition of this amazing DVD. Not the cover I ordered, though :\
Spirited Away Playing Cards. GORGEOUS playing cards. They are amazing. Loves them all.

Boys are Stupid Calendar. This might be from last year, but I do love it. <3 Pretty pictures ;) On sale.
Tangled Sticker Book. Love this one. Was on sale, so this is my second copy ;p Hih. So pretty.
"Modig" aka Brave in Norwegian. Will never see it in Norwegian. But I do love this book :)
Some Wii games I bought on sale. <3 Love LOTR and POTC :D They do all seem awesome ;)
Brave Mousepad via ebay. Not perfect, but it is really pretty. <3 I love it :) Won't use it, but still ;p
The Lorax - Loved this movie. Goosebumps. I read a lot of these books in Norwegian many many years ago. This one was on sale, so I needed it :D Remember that I loved these books :)
Kiki's Delivery Service. I loved this movie. Another awesome Ghibli movie ;) So pretty.
NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind. My god, this movie was epic. So perfect. Must watch it :)
Cosmopolis and Bel Ami soundtracks. Sigh. I adore Rob. <3 Loved Bel Ami :) So excited for Cosmopolis.

I also got this last thing. It was kind of expensive, but it was on sale; so I saved about £70. I got it because I am getting a cat in about a year! <3 Still some time until then. But it is decided that I'm getting one :) Have always wanted a cat. Going to buy an Chinchilla Persian. <3 They are gorgeous.

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  1. Oh, I'm a huge fan of Ghibli movies too!! And Spirited Away is one of my favs :)

    Can't wait to read Stormdancer and Raven Boys :)
    Happy reading!

  2. The Iron Legends looks really good! I can't wait to read it but I need to catch up on the res of the series first! I hope you enjoy everything you got this week.

    My IMM

  3. I loved the movie Brave, it was spectacular. :) And albeit I couldn't get into Stormdancer, I hope you have better luck with it than me. False Memory and Glass Heart (beautiful cover, by the way!) look marvelous as well. Great haul and enjoy, Carina. :)

  4. You're getting a cat? Lucky you! I'm not much of a pet person, but I LOVE cats, especially little kittens. :D

    I saw you were liking The Raven Boys on Goodreads last night, and knowing you, you have probably finished it by now! :D I also can't wait to see what you make of False Memory and Crown of Embers. amazing haul as always! :)

  5. I just checked out your review of The Raven Boys and now I'm even more excited that I bought the book last night! :)) You got a great haul this week. Happy reading!

    Amy @ The BookHookup <3

  6. Woot. The Raven Boys is all kinds of awesome! I need to write my review for it. I need to get a copy of Glass Heart; I didn't realize it was out already...or is this just a UK release? Hmm...

    Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy everything you've got.


  7. Your hauls are always so epic, haha. I hope you enjoy everything you got this week and happy reading, hun ;)

    Jennifer @ Dream Reads

  8. Forget the books, I'm drooling over all the Hayao Miyazaki-Studio Ghibli goods! * I also have Stormdancer (already read-I liked it) and The Raven Boys (reading now!). Hope you enjoy!


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