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Review: Hidden by Sophie Jordan

I have waited for this book since February. Since I read her first two books; Firelight and Vanish in the same day. For seven months now. And I can finally say that the wait was worth it. This book is amazing. A bit sad that it was only 260 pages; and it took me less than three hours to read it. Wish it had been longer. Wish there had been a tiny bit more steamy romance. A next step, in a way. But I loved the romance in this book. Because there is a lot of it. And there is a lot of action. And some violence. And heartbreak. Hidden has it all. And it is perfect.

You should know thought that I cannot write my review of this book without spoiling everything that happened in the first two books: Firelight and Vanish. So if you do not wish to know what happens in those two, do not read my review. Just take my word for it that you need to read this trilogy. Right now. I promise you that it is amazing. And that you will love it. Cause the writing is awesome. The characters are loveable. The romance is amazing. The story is beyond amazing. Read them!

First I want to discuss these gorgeous book covers. Firelight and Vanish and Hidden has so pretty covers. They are all of Jacinda. And I love that. Human Jacinda, but half of her Draki. Which I love even more. Gives you a hint of the story. (Okay, a bit confused about Vanish. Why is Jacinda blonde? Who else is it supposed to be?) I love the cover of Hidden the most. It is simply stunning. Love the colors. And the girl is so pretty. So, yeah, I adore these book covers. And the font for them :)

I suppose I loved Hidden more than the first two books. Especially more than Vanish. It is better than Firelight because there is more romance. I think. Been so long since I read Firelight. But I'm pretty sure the romance is better. And I am extremely sure that I liked Jacinda so much more in this book. And Will. And Cassian wasn't so bad, either. Not even Miram. Okay, I still hated her. But I did love Tamra. She's pretty awesome. But Jacinda has changed the most. And I am so happy about it. Loved her. Finally ;)

Hidden picks up where Vanish ended. Jacinda, Will, Tamra and Cassian planning how to rescue Cassian's sister, Mariam, from the Enkros. Humans that sends Hunters to capture Draki's. Like Jacinda and Tamra and Cassian and Mariam and their whole pride. Their plan is for Jacinda to get "captured" and for the others to rescue her and Mariam after a day. And it seems to be working alright. What they hadn't realized though, was what the Enkros would be doing to Jacinda after they had her.

Jacinda is in her Draki form; all the other Draki's captured are as well. Because no humans know yet that the Draki can also be all human, and not just almost-dragon. She's bound and it's kind of awful. She's led to a cell, where they tase her. It sounded painful. And I hated it. But it was also pretty awesome. A lot of things happen down there. Nothing too awful; no serious pain. Won't say more. But we do meet a new Draki; a big gray one. He's pretty scary and all kinds of cool. I liked him.

As the summary for this book says, they do escape. I won't say how, or how it happens. Because it is all pretty bad, in a way. And I did love every second of it. There are a lot of things happening after that. Awful things. Heartbreaking things. Amazing things. Happy things. So much happens in this book. And I did love it all. We get to see many new characters. Like Lia. She was only there a little while, but I did like her. And Deghan. I did like him. He was pretty cool ;p He and Tamra were adorable.

There is a lot of excitement in this book. A little mystery as well. And the romance is hot. I wish it had been more. More hot. But I did love how much there was. Something you must know is that there is no love triangle in this book. Jacinda is very clear on who she wants from the first page. And I loved her for it. Finally she is growing up. Especially by the end. Won't say who she ends up with, but, well, it is easy to read between the lines. Heh. Cause I'm sure you all know it by now, anyway :)

My favorite character in this book is Will. I still love him so much. He is mysterious. Still don't know entirely what his special gift is. He isn't Draki. But he isn't entirely human, either. He has powers. And those powers are awesome! He is so sweet and understanding. And protective. Will is just adorable. He is the perfect boyfriend. I so understand why he doubts Jacinda a few times in this book, though. Because I did too. There were a few scenes were I didn't like her much. But it didn't happen often. :)

I also really loved Jacinda in this book, like I said. She grows a lot. And I finally do love her. And that is awesome. Because she is the perfect main character :) Also did like Cassian a little bit. He isn't so annoying. And I did like him at the ending, so that's good. Kind of. Anyway. There is some deaths in this book. Some I didn't see coming at all. But I also kind of didn't mind. But it was heartbreaking, and sad. But I also felt like it needed to happen. So I'm happy about it. In a way. The plot is so good.

I won't say more about the story, though, since it's such a short book. But there is a lot happening. And it is all awesome. I liked everything that did happen. And I loved the ending. Even though I wanted so much more from the romance. But I did love it, still. There isn't a sequel. I think. Doesn't need to be one. But there are also a lot of things that didn't get sorted. And I want to know what happened; will happen. I need to know. So I really do wish for a fourth book, someday :) Hopefully there will be. <3

Not sure what else to say about this book. Just that it is amazing. And a perfect ending to this trilogy, really. I did love it. And if you have read the first two books, then you must read Hidden. It is worth it. And if you still haven't read any of these books then you need to start right away. Because you need to be a part of this world. It is magic. (Okay, not magic. But it feels so good, still.) I loved getting lost in this story world. And I do want more of it. And I think that is a good thing. Re-reading them all soon ;)


  1. I like the sound of the finally love-triangle-free romance! I've only read the first book in this series and had some mixed feelings on it, but I wouldn't mind continuing with these books one day, especially now that I know it ends well. :) Great review, Carina!

    1. <3 You really should finish these books :D Just, well, there IS a love triangle in book two. But not in this one. <3 Hih. And that makes it worth it :) maybe. Thank you <3

  2. Great review, Carina :D I actually started reading this book a couple of days ago, but I couldn't get past page 180. Not to say I wasn't liking it, but... I don't know, the writing style doesn't appeal to me, and I felt like nothing was happening... *sigh*. You made me want to give it a try again, so I will! :D HOpefully the story will be more likable now!

    1. Thank you. <3 Huh. Not sure why you didn't like it :\ I actually loved every page of this book (A) Hih. But I do know that everyone has different tastes in book :) Still, I do hope you will give it another go one day, and then you will love it. <3

  3. I was so sad that this one was short, too. I wanted more romance and something about it felt unfinished to me. But I did like that we got to see a new side to Cassian!

    YA Sisterhood

    1. I agree. Sigh. Wanted so much more. But still, I did love this book :) But yeah. I kind of need a fourth book ;p Need to know what happens next with the Enkros, and the tracking of the other Draki's. Can't believe we didn't get to know more of that o.O Still. Awesome book :) What I liked about Cassian was that he didn't push Jacinda at all. And that made me like him a bit :)

    2. I've always been a Team Cassian fan. Don't know why--maybe I'm just weird!!!

  4. Hey I loved your review. The reason why the hair was white was because it revealed that her sister Miram was a draki and her hair turned white in the book vanish, and since they are twin sisters they look exactly alike.


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