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Review: Carnival of Souls by Melissa Marr

I'm conflicted. I loved this book. I really did. The writing is amazing, and the characters are awesome. And I loved the world Melissa created in this book. It is all so amazing. But then there was that ending. Unsure if I hated the ending or not. I wish the book had been longer; because it ended too soon. But hopefully there is a sequel :) And while I didn't like the ending, I'm not sure I hated it. I have hope. I think. Because I did like this book. Up until the ending. Ugh. But still, I am so extremely excited for more :)

Carnival of Souls have many different point of views. At first I wasn't sure if I would be able to read that. But once I started the book it was so easy to read it and to love it. We get to hear from many characters, but all of those characters are in this book at all times. So it wasn't confusing at all. At least not to me. And that was good. :) I'm not sure what made me pre-order this book. Think it was because so many people were talking about it. And I wanted to know what they were talking about. Glad I did ;)

I do not want to spoil this book. But, yeah, you should probably read the summary before reading the book, anyway :) And I need to talk about some of the things in this book. I must. And it isn't really spoilery. Not if you do plan to read the book. Think that it is nice to know some things, sometimes. The plot in this book is special. Not sure what it reminded me of. There are so many things to pay attention to. And I loved it all. Loved the characters the most, but the story is brilliant.

This book centers around daimons. They aren't human, but they aren't all monster, either. They can look human. And they seem human. And I did love many of them. They are pretty normal. But they also can change into some sort of animal, with claws and such. And that was pretty awesome. Liked that plot idea. The daimons live in a city. And they are divided into class. I didn't like that so much. So horrible. But I was also fascinated; so I kind of loved it as well. It is very well written and done.

In this city there is Kaleb. The second main character, kind of. And oh, I loved him. He was pretty awesome. He could be a bit awful at times, but I didn't blame him one bit. He's poor, and he fights for a living. And sometimes as a whore to gain money. Didn't approve of that. But I understood it, and I still loved him. He has a "pack." Which is him and Zevi. And I did adore Zevi. He is different than the other daimons. He's awesome. He and Kaleb is a family. And I loved them together. <3

About Kaleb, though. I adored him, like I said. He is kind and loving and prorective. He's also strong. He would do whatever it takes to protect those he loves. And I do love that. Didn't approve of what happens when you marry someone.. but that wasn't Kaleb's fault. So I'm not blaming him for that. Just a tiny bit disappointed. But I also loved that part, a bit. Anyway. Some other awesome characters in this book was Aya and Belias. And first I kind of hated Aya. Then she grew on me.

Belias though, him I did adore. He just wanted to love her. And I kind of hated Aya for being so cruel. But I also understood her, later on. Maybe. I didn't hate her as much. She was pretty awesome. Then there was Mallory. The main character in this book, I believe. I did like her as well. Think she could have been so amazing. If there hadn't been for her father, Adam. I hated him. I get that he wanted to protect her, but damn it. Stealing her memories and never letting her know who she is is not okay.

Anyway. I did like Mallory. She was interesting. And kind, most of the time. Some may say that there is "insta love" between Mallory and Kaleb. They might be right. But I also felt like the romance between them was perfect. Because it made sense, and I loved it. There isn't much romance in this book though. But there is some. And I loved it all. Wished for more. But maybe in book two. :) I do not want to spoil this book. So I'm not gonna talk that much about the plot. Just a little bit.

Carnival of Souls is this book called. And that makes a lot of sense. Because a lot of this book happens at the Carnival of Souls. Won't say much about it, just that is is done so well and it's pretty awesome. But it's also violent and awful and still. I loved it a whole lot. There is a lot of violence in this book. Well, some at least. And I did love it all. Sigh. I just adored this book. Except for this tiny part at the ending :p the whole not-telling-the-truth thing. But I also got it. Somehow. If it happens fast in book 2.

I do not want to say more about this book. Just that it is about daimons and witches. And it is freaking awesome. I loved this book a whole lot. It was easy to get sucked into Carnival of Souls. I'm glad I read it. Even though I felt like it was way too short, and I need way more cause it ends with a cliffhanger. I need more of Kaleb. And Mallory. And them together. I just need to know everything that happens next. Hoping book two will be out soon. <3 I needs it. I think you would love this book.

Even though the romance might feel a tiny bit rushed. But I didn't mind that one bit at all. I kind of like romances that happens fast. Even though it kind of ended at the end. Or maybe not. I'm not sure. I just know I need more of it, and I really hope a sequel will be out soon. I just need more of this world and these characters and just more of everything. Anyway. I think you should read Carnival of Souls :)


  1. I have an ARC of this book, and truthfully I wasn't planning on read it any time soon. I didn't even know what it was about. But the concept seems interesting, so I might give it a try. Sorry you didn't like the ending! I hate when that happens.

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  2. I want to listen to this book so bad after I saw who is going to be narrating! From the book trailer it looks amazing, I want want want!

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