Saturday, September 8, 2012

Review: Origin by Jessica Khoury

I could not stop reading this book. Ever since I saw the cover of this book many months ago I have wanted it. And yesterday it finally arrived. And oh. It is so more beautiful in person. I adore it. Really glad this book was worth the wait. I loved the writing. And I adored the characters. Even those I hated. And I loved loved the plot line. It is so different and unique. It really is perfect. I have no idea how I will manage to describe this book. But I will try my best to do so. Promise.

I'm having trouble finding words for how much I loved this book. It is different. And different is so good. The plot of this book is so captivating. I couldn't stop imagining it all. It could have been real. Even though it is kind of a fantasy. Or science, as they say. The main character in this book is Pia. She is immortal. The only immortal person there is. So far. She lives such an isolated life; in some buildings deep inside the Amazon rainforest. Most awesome place to put it, in my opinion.

But it also really suck. Because Pia has never left that place. She has never been outside the fence. And now she's 17 years old. She's had this dream her entire life to become a scientist like all the people she lives with. So that she can make more immortals like her. So she won't be alone anymore. To make her Mr. Perfect. And I kind of liked that, because I understand how she had it. But it is also so sad. She doesn't live with many people. She has her mom there, but she's a total bitch. Truly.

And the rest of the people she knows by heart. At least most of them. She calls them all Uncle or Aunt. Found that a bit confusing. But I also understood it, in a way. There is Uncle Antonio; who I adored. He seemed like the only sane one. Then there were Uncle Paolo who I thought was a total asshole. Which you will understand once you read it. But they were all written so well, and they all fit into Pia's life. And she loved them all. Because that's all she's ever known. You see, Pia is perfect.

All her life she's been perfect. Immortal. She cannot die. She cannot be cut or bleed or anything like that. But she does feel pain. A little bit. Her memory is perfect. She's really smart. And fast. But not very strong, which really sucked, to be honest ;p I found Pia to be an amazing person. Kind, strong and a bit sweet. Well, okay, I was a bit mad at her sometimes. She was a bit dumb in the beginning. Didn't blame her one bit though. It all changed when a new scientist arrived to Little Cam. Aunt Harriet.

At first she seemed like a total idiot. But she wasn't. I really loved her. She's awesome. She tells Pia about outside things. Forbidden things. Because Pia isn't allowed to know about anything. Just science. And things happening inside their sheltered life. And I hated that so much. But it was also done so well. Sigh. Anyway. Everything changed after Harriet arrives. And I loved all the changes so much. Sigh. One character I loved: her pet jaguar, Alai. So awesome! Too little book time, though ;p

Pia has been preparing her whole life for the moment she will be accepted as a new scientist. She has been taking tests. And omg. I hated those tests. They were so awful. But near the ending, they made so much sense. Even though that only made them more awful. Pia has never met anyone her own age. So when she discovers a whole in the fence around her, she wanders out. Only for a little while. And I loved reading that. Everything is so new to her, and amazing. Then she collides with a boy.

Eio. And Eio really is perfect. Not the way Pia is. But truly. He is so kind and trusting and loving and so amazing. Perfect guy. We get to know him one bit at a time. And Pia starts falling for him. It isn't rushed. At least not in my eyes. Considering there isn't even any kissing o.O But there is romance and love. And the love between Eio and Pia is amazing. So damn sweet and perfect. Wanted more kissing, but still. Eio is a part of the Ai'oan people. The natives living in the forest around Little Cam.

They are an amazing bunch of people. We get to know them really well. And I adored Ami. Sigh. I loved this book. There is just so many characters in this book. They are all amazing. Some I loved, some I really hated. Origin is a really twisted book. One that I loved so much. It is sweet, but it is also really dark. There happens a lot of really awful things. And they couldn't have been better. I love books like this. I won't spoil what happens. Just know it is perfect and awful and sad.

The plot in this book is so good. The mystery is even better. The mystery about how to make a person immortal. How Pia became immortal. One thing I hated: how Pia kept pushing Eio away so much. It broke my heart. But I also kind of understood it. I didn't hate her too much for it. Somehow. Maybe.. I loved the climax of this book. It is done well, and it didn't feel rushed, and it was exactly right. And I loved the ending as well, for the most part. But sigh. I really want a sequel. Doesn't need to be, though.

I do not know what else to say about this book. And to be honest, I shouldn't say more either :) You should go buy it right now, and read it. Because Origin is amazing. It is stunning. And sweet. And horrible. And so perfect. So glad I read it. I loved everything about it. And you will too. Promise ;)


  1. Eio and Pia sound like great characters (I love those names!). I'm glad to hear the romance isn't rushed. It seems like most people are being blown away by this book so I can't wait to finally read it. Brilliant review, Carina!

    1. I do too :D Sigh. I adored this book. <3 want to re-read it already (A) hih ;p Hope you'll love it :D

  2. Lovely review, Carina! You made me want to read this book even more. Origin sounds so unique, and I can't wait to get to it. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Never heard of the book, thanks for the tip:)

  4. The book must be amazing!!! The cover is fantastic too, but sorry practise your grammar you put so many full stops ._.

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