Friday, June 15, 2012

Review: Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder

This is the third book by Maria V. Snyder I have read. First read the Inside Out, Outside In books. I mostly enjoyed them, but I didn't like the writing much. Then I heard of this book, and I really wanted it. :) The cover is pretty, and the story sounded so great. And I did enjoy the story. But the characters annoyed me at times, and I didn't like the writing. But that's probably just me. I'm picky that way. :)

But I did love the story in this book. Because the story is unique and very interesting. I loved the part about the plague. It was horrible, and quick deaths for most of the people. It reminds me of a lot of other stories, yet it was unique. I also liked the part about the Healers. They were so interesting to read about. And I loved learning more about them and their powers. Wished there were more.

There weren't only healers, though. There were lots of people with powers. Well, maybe not many, but a few. Power of forests, rock, air, death and life. It was all so interesting to read about. And such an unique story line. Well, okay, maybe not. It reminded me about Graceling only not as good as Graceling. But it is also very different from Graceling; and I did enjoy that.

At first I enjoyed reading about Avry. She seemed like an interesting person, and I did love her healing powers. But she seemed so selfish and mean at times. I did sort of understand her, because Kerrick did act like an asshole in the beginning and in most of the book. But I felt like it was overdone, because it didn't seem beliveable to me, and I didn't like it. Cause I did like Kerrick. Even though he was an ass.

Back to Avry. She was interesting, but she cared too much about honoring "deals/contracts" made with bad people. And I didn't understand that. It was just stupid, to be honest. And I didn't like the way she acted towards certain people. *cough, Kerrick, cough* Even if I understood her at some point. I didn't approve of her actions for the most part. And I didn't think she was very kind. But.

I also sort of liked the way she was about her healing. She did try her best to heal a lot of people. And it was all so horrible. Because she can heal people, but in doing so she gets their injuries and pain. It heals a lot faster on her, but it leaves scars and is a huge pain. But it was written sort of well, I think. At least, I enjoyed reading about it. Because it was very interesting. :)

I also sort of liked the way she was with the other men. Like Belen and Flea. But it felt like Belen was supposed to be a love interest. She cared more for him than the actual love interest, Kerrick. And I hated that. But, nothing ever happened. So I forgave it. I will NOT forgive what happened with Tohon. He has powers, but she should have resisted. But she didn't. And he is her first kiss. And SEVERAL kisses. And almost more than kisses. And I fucking hated it. Won't forgive it.

And if it happens anything like that in book two I will not read it. I promise you that. But I do wish to read the sequel, because I am very interested in what happen next with the plot. And I liked the ending in this book. It is a good ending, but also bad and I want more. But if there are any non-Kerrick kisses in it when I peek at it then I will not read it.

Anyway! Back to the book. I liked the connection with Avry and Kerrick. But it seemed so false and not done well most of the time. And when some romance FINALLY happened in the last few pages, it felt like it happened too fast, cause we didn't get the slow romance between them. And I hated that. But, I still enjoyed the romance. Loved what happened between them at the end.

Kerrick is an amazing person. He is closed off, and an asshole most of the time, but I understood him. He has been badly hurt, and he is trying to protect himself. I would have done that too. I just liked him a lot. Even though I wish he had been more :p There are many characters in this book. Some interesting, some evil, some a bit boring. Still, exciting to read about.

Another thing that I hated. First, there was the writing I couldn't connect with. I wanted to, but I couldn't. It just isn't for me :\ And I didn't approve of some actions of the characters. But what I really disliked was the ages in this book. Avry is supposed to be 20. Kerrick 26. And Belen 30. And many others older or a bit younger. And it didn't make sense; cause everyone acted like teenagers. I just didn't think they seemed mature enough. Still. I did love it. Just wished they had been younger.

Something I liked about the book. The lilys. The Death Lilys and the Peace Lilys. They were so interesting to read about, and I need to know more about them. We learned a lot, but I need some more. :) So interesting. The plot in this book is really great, I just didn't like the writing and some character choices. I wished the book had been more. But, it was enjoyable. For the most part. :)

I do think you should read this book. Because it is great. And I'm sure others will love it more than I did. :) Giving it three stars, but it might be three point five. Maybe. Still a bit unsure. :)


  1. Try reading her Study series. It's really awesome. Great review! :D

    Kari Po-Ku Reads

  2. Nice review! I think I will look for this book when I can, it sounds like a nice getaway. Take a look at Teenage Fiction if you have the time :)


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