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Book Recommendation: Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

I adore this book. I really do. Shadow and Bone is such an amazing and brilliant story. Which is why I am recommending it to all of you. I just finished re-reading it; read it for the first time in the beginning of April. Even though I just finished it, I want to read it again. And again. Because it really is that good. Shadow and Bone is an amazing book. One of the best there is. Why? Mostly because of Leigh.

She has created this perfect world. And she writes stunningly. I had no problem falling in love with this book, and loving the writing. I had no problem imagining the way things looked with how she described them. I usually have that issue. But not with this book. And that made me love it even more. Then there is, of course, the amazing characters. Leigh has created the best people in this book.

First there is Alina, the main character. I'm not sure how old she is. Probably 18 or 19. Doesn't matter though. Because Alina is a strong character. She is kind and sweet. But she can also be a bit dumb and annoying at times. But in this book it only made me love her more. Well, most of the time. :) She is an orphan, and I loved that. At first she is weak and skinny and think she's pathetic. She kind of is.

But she changes. I may not have liked the reason for the change. What she did to make it happen. What she let go of. Yeah, I definitely didn't approve of that. But I also loved how it changed her. She became stronger and better. I didn't like how she approved of making herself look better. That seemed a bit shallow. But I probably would have done more than her. Hih. Cause it did sound awesome. Sort of.

Then there is Mal. Alina's best friend. They have been together since they were kids; orphans together. And I loved how the first few pages were about them as kids. It was so sweet and cute and I adored it. But then everything changes as they get older. And I didn't like that. Wish they could have been together at all times. But I also understood it. For the most part. And I always loved Mal. Always.

Mal is such an amazing character. He is sweet and kind and strong. He is perfect. Well, okay, he might have some flaws. But they only made me love him more. He and Alina are best friends. They might have lost it a bit these past few years, but they still care a lot about each other. And that is the main reason for why I loved this book. Their friendship. Well, mostly the love between them.

Even though it isn't there for most of the book. Mal isn't there for most of the book. He is missing for almost two hundred pages. And I sort of hated that. But I also loved everything that happened while he was missing. Well, most of it. Things are really interesting in this book. There are tons of more characters, but I won't talk about them all. Cause there are too many. Some I loved, some I hated.

Like the Darkling. Him I will talk a bit about. The Darkling is sort of the leader of this land. Well, the King is. But the Darkling is right behind him. Sometimes ahead of him. I hated the Darkling. Most people probably love him at first. Because he seems like such a sweet and kind man. And handsome. Full of passion. Gah. I hated those parts. Really did. But I never liked him. Ever. And that is the truth.

But, well, that might be because I loved Mal and I cannot stand triangles. Won't spoil it, but, well, The Darkling is an evil bastard. I just hated him a lot. But I also loved that he was the villain in this book. This book needed him. But I also could have gone without him ;) Hih. Done talking about the characters now. Feel like I have talked forever. Sorry about that. :) I'm just really in love with this book.

The story in Shadow and Bone is one of the most unique and perfect stories I have read. It is simply beautiful. It takes place in the land of Ravka. It has been torn in two by the Shadow Fold. And the Shadow Fold is one of the best things I have read about. It is horrible. But so damn perfect. I loved reading about it so much. The Shadow Fold is ruled by volcra's. The volcra was once men. Many.

And that is really interesting to read about. Not sure if it is true, want to learn more about it. Wish it to be true, though. Cause it really is horrible and cruel but so perfect. We need to learn more about the Shadow Fold. I won't talk more about it though. I loved the land in this book. So many amazing places. And I must see more of that too. Sigh. I am just so so so excited about it all. :)

What might have interested me most was the Grisha. There are lots of those. People with magical powers. And they were so extremely interesting to read about. So many different powers. We didn't get to see many up close, though. Hopefully in the next books. :) The Darkling have the worst power. He has them all. I think. He can make 'the cut.' Cutting a person in half. That was horrible to witness.

But it was also extremely interesting. He can do tons of other things too. Like the darkness. He can make everything dark. And that was sort of creepy. But also awesome. Alina turns out to have a power too. Won't say what it is. :) Just that it is so cool. And they all need her power. And I am so excited to see what happens next with it. Because her power interested me a whole lot. And I need more of it.

Then there was Genya. Her power is to fix people up. Make their faces pretty, their hair etc. And that was sort of amazing. I would have wanted that. But I didn't want Alina to want it. If that makes sense. :) Genya was an interesting character. I am not sure if I loved her. Sometimes I did. Wonder if we will see more of her in the sequel. There are so many different powers in this book. And they are all epic.

There is a lot of training for the Grisha. And I loved reading about that too. Not much more to say about the plot. It is exciting. And stunning. And full of suspense. And it has action. And romance. And it is a bit scary and sad sometimes. But for the most time Shadow and Bone is the perfect book. And I cannot wait to read more from Leigh. I am dying for the sequels to this book. :) So excited for them.

What I enjoyed most in this book was the romance. Even though there isn't much. But there is some. And Mal and Alina is perfect together. They are so cute and sweet and it is real and honest. And I need so much more romance and passion from them. Sigh. Biggest wish of book two. :) Anyway. Reason why I am recommending this book to you is because I loved it so much. It is perfect. Everything is.

And I am positive you will love this book. I really am. If you don't love it, then there must be something wrong. Just kidding :D But, yeah. I really think everyone will love Shadow and Bone. It is so perfect. Also, if you don't follow Leigh on twitter then you must do so. Because Leigh is one of the most amazing persons there is. She is so kind and sweet and I adore her a lot. Follow her!

I apologize for this extremely long rec post. Well, it is mostly an extremely long review. But I loved writing it, and I needed to share why I loved this book. Hopefully I have convinced you to go buy it. Link for everything is down below somewhere. With the most amazing map. I hope there are more maps soon. :) Also sharing a teaser. A long sort of spoilery one. But it is so perfect. Also. You must read Shadow and Bone now. You really must. No but's! DO IT! Buy it, read it, love it.

Shadow and Bone will keep you captured with its beautiful words. And it will not let you got until you finish the last page. Even then the story won't leave you. Shadow and Bone is perfect. The writing is so stunning and unique and so good. The characters are believable and perfectly flawed. Everything is love about Shadow and Bone. You will never regret having read it. I can promise you that.

The SPOILERY teasers that I love.

Whatever burned between us was just as bright, just as undeniable. The moment our lips met,
I knew with pure and piercing certainty that I would have waited for him forever.

Also. Here is that perfect map. It is the best map I have ever seen. And. Sigh. I want it! It is in the book; but just as a part of the book. :) Still, it is gorgeous in person. My favorite part is the Unsea. :)

Shadow and Bone on Goodreads. Buy it here. Leigh Bardugo. Her awesome website.
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  1. The Darkling is not "an evil bastard." He's a complex character; he's like an onion with many layers that kept being revealed; he has depth. He's the most interesting character in the book, more than Mal will ever be.

    Your hatred of The Darkling is based on silly stuff, like "OH I HATE HIM BECAUSE OF THE LOVE TRIANGLE. BLAH BLAH" Isn't that a little extreme? Just saying.

    Oh, and you'll find that most people don't share your opinion about The Darkling. He's popular with the readers. We want to see more of him, not less.

    1. I get that. But this is MY review, is it not? And these are MY feelings. And I know them better than you. I hate the Darkling. And that's that. Didn't list all the reasons in my post, because I wasn't posting spoilers. And either way. Am I not allowed to hate him for that? Because I do. And I think I decide who I hate and why I hate them. And to me, the Darkling is an evil bastard. And I am allowed to think that. Thank you.

  2. Lovely recommendation post, Carina! If I hadn't already read S&B, this sure would have convinced me. ;)

    Isn't the map just amazing? I've never been so in love with a map before. :P


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