Monday, June 4, 2012

Review: The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness

I cannot with this book. I cannot. I may fail a bit in this review. But, I am trying my best to put into words how I felt about this book. It is mostly love. But omg. So many horrible things happen in this book. Too much. I'm just extremely glad I have book two and three ready as well. :) Cause the ending is so evil. Not sure if I can deal with book two, but I must try! So excited, though. Even if it breaks me.

I'm not even sure how I first heard of these books. I just remember that it was in May. And I was a bit crazy with the book buying. So I bought all three paperbacks. And after having read the first one, I do not regret it. Although it has broken me. But I also loved it so much. Because The Knife of Never Letting Go is a stunning book. So much is always happening. And it is all so interesting to read about.

The main character in this book is Todd. So the whole book is from his POV. And I liked that. Well, except for the fact that he doesn't talk or think quite right. But I had no trouble understanding him at all. See, I have read Blood Red Road. This is nothing compared to that, when it comes to speaches ;p Anyway. Todd is that way because he isn't educated. And that was a bit sad. But also understandable.

This is a Young Adult Dystopia book. And omg. I love Dystopian books. My favorites. And I only read YA. Sometimes MG. This sort of felt like a Middle Grade book. Cause Todd was only 13 years old. Well, 14 if you count it right. Wish he had been older. But still. Loved him. But this book also felt like an adult book. Cannot imagine kids reading this book. It is so heartbreaking and graphic. I loved it.

Todd is an amazing character. Even though he is young. I loved that about him. He is kind and sweet. And innocent. Well, for a while. He is loyal. And I just adored him. He lives with two men; his "parents," of sorts. Ben and Cillian. We didn't see them much. But I loved Ben so much. Cillian was supposed to seem mean, but I adored him too. Because he loved Todd as well. *Cries.*

Todd has a dog. Manchee. He didn't want him. I can sort of see why, but he did end up loving Manchee. As did I. And holy. It broke my heart so much. Damn it! Why did the book do this to me? It even made me cry. Anyway, Manchee is amazing. Have no idea what kind of dog he is. But he is loyal and so sweet and adorable. And I loved the way he spoke. "Ow? Todd?" Too adorable.

If you have read the summary, you should know the plot of this book. So I won't get into it much. :) Just that Todd lives in this little town on a new planet; New World. There is only about 147 people living there. All men. They all say a germ killed all the women and half the men. That same germ made them all able to hear each others thoughts at ALL TIMES. Noise, they call it.

And I so understand that. It is a lot of Noise. I would have gone mad. But, I also loved it so much. It is an amazing plot line, and I'm so happy it was in this book. Because it was awesome. There is a lot happening in this book. Todd is forced to leave his town; with his dog. Lots of interesting reasons why; but I won't say :D You must read it. Then he finds out most of what he knew was lies.

And he knew a whole lot. And there were so many lies. It took some time to get to know them all, but I loved every second. Because it was so awesome to learn it all. But oh. My heart broke for Todd so many times. And I felt like people were being mean to him often :p But that may be because I just can't stand seeing my favorite character hurt. And Todd is hurt a whole lot in this book.

Then there is Viola. She is an interesting character. Not sure if I liked her much at the beginning. But I did start to love her by the end. I'm hoping there will be some romance soon; because it very much seems like there should be. Hope so. But then there are these other characters. Some I loved. Some I hated. Like Aaron. He was so damn crazy. And aargh! I hated him so much!

But oh. He made such an interesting character. I did love having him there. In a way. Even though he was responsible for most of the pain this book gave me. Anyway. There is a lot of death in this book. And it is described for the most part. And it is horrible. But I couldn't help loving it, either. There is so much happening. So many interesting things. So much heartbreak. But still so amazing.

I cannot wait to see what will happen next in this series. Although I have peeked; and I may not be very happy with what I saw (A) But I still cannot wait to read it. Because I'm pretty sure the next books will be just as amazing as The Knife of Never Letting Go. It is a long book, but it needed to be so. Also! The world in this book is amazing. So different. But so good. Good written, too.

Anyway. I really think everyone should read this book. Although, it probably isn't for the fainthearted people. If that is a thing. Hih. Still though, I thought this was an amazing read. Great writing, stunning characters, amazing world building. Mystery. Excitement. It has it all. And it is a must read.


  1. This is definitely a book I'm gonna read. I have to say, although the summary on goodreads sounded interesting, I was still unsure whether to start yet another series and my TBR list is already monstrous. But I HAVE to start it, it seems AMAAZING and epic!

    Read into hiding

  2. Tod sounds like an amazing character... these books sound amazing! What a wonderful review, Carina. I'm not sure how I first heard about these books either but I do know that I want to read them ASAP. I hear nothing but praise and your review has convinced me to get round to this series as soon as I can. :)

  3. I read this book back in 2009 so the details are a little hazy but I know that I really enjoyed the series! One of the things I loved the most was the world. It was so different to anything I had read before. Hope you enjoy the next two books too. :D

  4. Only by your reaction I'm seeing myself buying it soon XD


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