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Review: Defiance by C. J. Redwine

I wanted this book the minute I spotted the gorgeous cover. It has been some months since then. I saw the cover, and read the summary and I was sold. I knew I needed that book. Have already pre-ordered three copies of it, too; two hardcovers and one paperback. :) They will be so pretty. <3 But then I got accepted to read this book via Edelweiss. And I was so happy about it. Had to finish one book; but then I started Defiance right away.

It was an quick an easy read. And I mostly loved it. The writing is good, but not as good as I had expected it to be. And that made me a bit sad; which is why I'm rating this book a four star. But despite that I loved this book. Because the characters are amazing. And the plot in this book is stunning. A bit hard to understand a few times, but it was unique and so good.

It is a Fantasy book. A bit Dystopia too, I would say. This book take place within the walls of Baalboden. The walls are keeping them all safe. But I wouldn't say it's safe within the walls. Bad things happen if you do mistakes. Even just by walking alone; if you are a woman. All women and girls have Protectors. And I did like that; because they did need it. For the most part.

Because this isn't a safe town to live in. Lots of bad people in it. We didn't see all the bad people there, but there were many. Especially the Commander. He is the leader, in a way. He is the one killing all the people who makes mistakes. He tortures people too. But they tolerate him there because he is the only one who can make sure the Cursed One don't kill them all.

And, well, that really is a silly name (A) lol. The Cursed One. It is a mighty beast, who can burn them all. And then eat them. Despite the name being silly, it really was scary. Somewhat. Cause I failed to feel much in this book :\ And that made me a bit sad. But I was still enjoying it all, and found the book to be very entertaining. And mysterious. And exciting. And romantic.

Then there is the characters in this book. There is one of the main characters; Rachel. And I did like her. Mostly. She is almost 17, and she is a strong and sweet person. But she thinks too much about what happened with her and Logan two years back. And that was a bit annoying. Cause what happened wasn't that bad. They were best friends for years. Then it all changed.

Logan is the person I loved most in this book. He is kind and loving and strong and protective. Which is a good thing. He stands up for Rachel so many times. I found that both sweet and dumb. Cause Rachel managed to get into it all by herself :p Logan is perfect. Well, he is incredibly broken. He is an orphan, and he lives all alone. He doesn't have many people around him. It is all so sad. But loved it.

Then there was Oliver. Sort of Rachel's grandpa. I liked him. Hated what happened to him. Although I didn't feel much about that, either :( Which really sucked. But I did love Oliver. I did. He was an important person for Rachel and Logan. As was her dad. It was interesting to read about how he fit into it all. Was a bit disappointed near the end; but I still loved it cause it made sense in a way.

There is some other characters in this book that were awesome and that I liked. But these are the main ones. The rest you'll have to read about yourself. :) I did enjoy the plot in this book. It is unique, but also a lot like other Fantasy books. But I loved that. Because something is always happening and it is always exciting to read about. Won't spoil the plot though ;p Just know it is all awesome!

Not sure what else to say about this book. There is romance in Defiance. And it is sweet. And I loved it a whole lot. Not much until the end, and there could have been more. But then, I am hoping there will be a sequel for all that ;) Also because Defiance ends kind of bad. It needs to be another book. Need to know what will happen next. :)

Defiance is an amazing book, with amazing characters and a stunning plot. I really think you all should read it once it comes out. And just, look at the cover! Isn't it gorgeous? It made me want to buy it, and I am so happy I read it. It was worth reading, and I hope you will all love it too. :) I would read this book again. And I will do so once my pretty hardcovers arrive. <3

Thank you so much to Edelweiss and HarperCollinsChildren for the chance to read and review Defiance early. <3 It meant so much to me.

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