Saturday, June 2, 2012

Review: Enchanted by Alethea Kontis

Enchanted is a fairy tale. But also a love story. It is an amazing book. It is full of magic, and romance, and love. And family. It has everything. And I loved it a whole lot. Giving it five stars, because I couldn't find a single fault in it. :) Well, it should have been longer. But I think it ends well. It felt.. finished, in a way. Although I can easily see more :D So I would love a sequel. But it doesn't need one. :)

About the cover. It is pretty. Just, a bit overdone, in my opinion. Also! How did I never notice the frog in the picture?! I noticed it today because I suddenly saw a weird looking finger (A) Hih. Still. I do think the cover is pretty. :) And it does fit the story. Well. Sort of. There isn't much sleeping in it. But the gown fits very well with the story :D And the frog. Love the frog.

Enchanted is an unique story. But it is also very similiar to other fairy tales. Maybe that is because it has some of the same ones. And that was sort of awesome. Loved how it was written. The writing in this book is stunning. And I loved how it is from Sunday's POV and from Rumbold's POV :D We needed this book from both versions. It made it so much better. So I loved that. :)

The characters in this book is amazing. I don't want to talk about them all; because that would really take forever. Hih. First there in Sunday. And Sunday is awesome. She is the youngest sibling; 16 years old. She has six older sister, but one is dead. And omg. That broke me. Very sad things happens in this book. Sunday also has three older brothers. And I adored Trix. :) He was adorable.

Sunday is an amazing character. She is sweet and kind, but also not very normal. But then, not many people in this book were normal ;p And I loved that. She has an incredible bond with her family. And I adored that. Mostly with her father and Trix. And it is all so sweet. I also liked her mother. Although, she could be a bit much at times. Still, I felt so sorry for her sometimes.

Then there is Rumbold. And lol, that name is too funny. I don't like it much, though :p But. It is cute. Sort of. :) And I loved him a whole lot. He is a perfect character. Well, he is very broken. But I loved him that way :D He was a different person before. But I didn't mind that. It just matters how he is now. And I loved the person he was. Perfect. Kind. Sweet. Adorable. Funny.

He has some friends as well. And I liked those too. :) But I hated his father. With good reason. Then there were the Fairy Godmothers. Sorrow and Joy. Hated Sorrow. Hated Joy at first, but I ended up loving her. I think. Still, I loved that they all were in this book; because it made the book so good :D

I don't really want to talk about the plot at all. Since the book is only 300 pages. So it would be better if you just read it all yourself. :) But. There is a lot of magic in this book. And it is all so awesome. It confused me some times, but I still loved it. It is unique and perfect. This book is so sad at times, but also so happy and sweet. And it is funny. It made me smile so many times. :)

Enchanted is a lovely fairy tale. It really is a must read. The romance is sweet, and the characters are amazing. And the plot is really great. Plus, I loved the time it is set it. And Sunday's sisters are so perfect. This whole book it perfect. So I think you should all read this book. :)


  1. Loved the review. I had seen it at my local B&N but hadn't picked it up.Seeing that you liked it and that it's a MUST Read from you, i will def have to go shopping today. =)

  2. This book has been something I've been waiting for. I'm glad it's as good as it sounds! Great review, Carina!

  3. Love your review:) Never heard about this book before, Have it now on my wish list:)

  4. Ha! I've never noticed the frog in the cover before! :P

    Lovely review, Carina. I'm so glad you enjoyed this! I thought this was a really sweet read too and Rumbold was adorable (though it is a strange name, right?). The whole book was adorable. :)

  5. It sounds really cute and pleasant. Do you think it is an easy reading since I'm brazilian? :O

    1. Hmm, I'm not sure. :) I'm Norwegian and I have no trouble reading any English books. It depends on how good you are in English, I suppose. :) It isn't any more difficult to read than other books ;p


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