Thursday, April 26, 2012

Review: The Gathering Storm by Robin Bridges

I'm having some issues with how to rate this book. On the one hand, it was beyond amazing. The writing was perfect, the setting was amazing. And the characters were great. It isn't a normal old-fashioned book. It has lots of unusual things, with lots of action and excitement. But. It also had no romance; which sucked because I thought there would be romance. It said so. There was a tiny bit, but too little.

And the main character kept thinking she had to "save" everyone; keep them safe. By lying and not being with them. And I just can't stand that :p Didn't like it. Then there was that whole time jumping o.O So much timed passed all the time. Which is why I'm giving this book a four star. Or a four point five star. But that is the only things I disliked about it :) Time to talk about what I loved :D

The Gathering Storm is an amazing book. The writing is really good; which is important to me. I also really enjoyed the time this book is set it. It was really entertaining to read about. There was just so much happening. Well, except for those time jumps. I don't know much of Russia; even though I live very close to it. So it was really awesome to learn more :)

The plot in this book is amazing. So much amazing things happen. But also so many horrible things. Lots of deaths, too. But it was all so good. Don't want to spoil it; but there are many.. gifts in this book. People who can do different things. And I enjoyed it so much! A bit different; but still so so good. There are lots of balls in this book. And I loved that as well.

Then there is all the amazing characters. I liked the main character; Katiya. She is awesome. Kind, and sweet. But also a bit naive at times. But I loved that she wished to be a docter; even if it isn't possible in Russia at the time. I loved that she had a personality. Also loved that her family was rich! She is an important person in this time; and I liked that.

I liked her father and her brother. Sort of liked her mother. But not really. She was kind, but she didn't seem to care about her daughter being happy. Oh, well. I liked Katiya's friends. They were all awesome. Except for one. But she wasn't really a friend. Also liked the school she was going to. It seemed sort of awesome :) Liked everything about her life.

But then that Danilo arrived. And I hated him! Hated how he controlled her. This book may seem like a love triangle, but it isn't. There is just trickery and I hated it. Hated Danilo and his horrible family. They were no good. But they did make it an awesome story ;) Then there was George. And there could have been such a good romance. And there was. But only so little. And I need more. Much more.

George may seem like an asshole at first; but I didn't mind ;) He is an amazing character. Sweet, and kind. And so so good. He is perfect for her. And oh! I just wished there were more romance :( There was this tiny part at the end, but it was so little and it didn't end well. There MUST be more in the next one! And no triangle. At all. Okay? Please. Need the next one now, please :)

Sorry for this sort of short review. But my hand is hurting so much. Did manage to share my thoughts, though :D The Gathering Storm is an amazing book. The story is so good, and so good written. It is perfect. And the characters are really great as well. And the little romance is good. Sort of. Cannot wait for the sequel. <3 Needs it. If you have not read this book, you really need to do so :)


  1. Sounds like the characters made an impression ;)

    Interesting review!

  2. Aah, I'm glad you liked The Gathering Storm, Carina! I loved it, too <3
    The romance was ... so deliciously slow, and then, in the ending, there could've been so much more! I think the last scene was a bit forced, though, don't you? :D Can't wait to read the sequel, too... Too bad it's only coming out in October D:


    1. Yes! :D I'm glad you did ;) I loved the romance. I just, yeah, I wish there had been more. Hope it will be better in book two :D Can't wait for it ;) <3

  3. i so want this one
    the history/love russian stuff lol
    gr8 review

  4. I like Russia, so this book sounds fascinating to me. I'm glad that you liked the characters: I think I'm going to like them :D


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