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Review: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

I first read City of Bones in September 2010, I believe. I read all the three books back then. The first time I read the books I wasn't that impressed; because I didn't know yet what would happen. But when I re-read the books I liked them so much more. The last time I read them was in February last year; before the forth book, City of Fallen Angels came out. I haven't dared to read them again until now.

And now I am only reading them because City of Lost Souls is coming out, and I have been dying for that book for a long, long time. The reason why I'm worried about reading these books is because they kill me. They break my heart over and over again. A year ago I was fine with it; but now I'm less fine with it. Have gotten very picky with what I like; and there is this huge thing in this book I'm unsure of.

City of Bones is the start of an amazing journey. It sucks me into an amazing story world. It seems so very real; that I can't help but imagine that it is, in fact, real. The writing is perfect, and I loved that it is mostly third person pov. Although it is mostly Clary's story. The plot in this book is just way too amazing. And I loved it so much. Also liked that it was in New York ;p Never been, though.

The story centers around 15 year old Clarissa Fray. Clary, for short. Although she does turn 16 in this book, and I was glad for that ;p Clary is a great character. She is smart, and mostly kind. And very sweet. I wish I could have loved her; but since I know how she is acting in book two and three, I don't have any love for her. Even though I do find her an amazing character; my first choice is Jace. Always.

And Jace is the best part of the series. Closely followed by the story. Jace is the ultimate bad boy, up front. But deep down he is a broken boy and there is no chance of not loving him. Jace is funny, and kind, and sweet, and he is perfect. He is sarcastic a lot, and I loved that about him. He might be a bit mean sometimes, but I see that as him trying to protect himself from getting hurt.

Jace is a Shadowhunter. And that is the part of this book I loved the most. Shadowhunters are part human, part angels hunting demons. They are trying their best to protect the world from the dangerous demons. And they do a fine job of it. Although it isn't a safe job to do. They fight a lot, and are for the most part covered in blood. And I loved that. Jace is the one who has killed the most demons.

A part from Jace, there is Alec and Isabelle. And Hodge. Alec is an amazing character; as is Isabelle. We get to know them both a lot more in the later books. And they are just awesome. Hodge seemed like such a great character; and he is. But he isn't. He is very selfish, but I also see why, somehow. Then there is Simon. Clary's human best friend. And I wish I could say I liked him.

And I would have, if he hadn't been in love with Clary. To me, he is the one who is to blame for all the heartbreak this series gives me. If he hadn't been there, Clary never would have hurt Jace so much. I wish she didn't care for him. But oh. Sigh. So much heartbreak. But still. Simon is a great character; later on :D Liked him a little bit in book three and four. Also; this might be evil of me, but I was wishing he would stay a rat in City of Bones (A) A bit :D

There is a love story in this book. It isn't strong at first, but it gets bigger. And I adored Jace and Clary together so much. Jace deserve to have the girl he loves. So, of course, Cassie needed to make it impossible :p Sigh. Won't spoil it, but it is horrible and cruel and I hated it. But it is an interesting plot line. But that's the thing. I felt like the books would have been better without it. But the romance in this book is great. It is real. And it is so sweet and adorable. And I just wish there was more.

Anyway, I loved City of Bones. Because of the amazing story, which I have not talked about much. But that is because I wish for you to read it yourself :D Then there is the perfect characters and the perfect writing. And, really, this book is just perfect. With a few flaws at the end; but I still loved it. I'm re-reading this series now because book five is almost out :) Can't wait. <3

But even though there are some things about this series that I cannot stand, it is still one of my all time favorite series. Because it has the most believable story line that I wish to live in. It has amazing writing. And it has amazing characters. It has the best boy; Jace. And it has so many amazing things. But, if you haven't read this series yet, I would recommend peeking at City of Glass (book three) first. Because it is hard to read this series without knowing what will happen. It is a must read, though :)

Favorite quote. 

The boy never cried again, and he never forgot what he'd learned:
that to love is to destroy, and that to be loved is to be the one destroyed. 


  1. You know I have only read City of Bones out of the TMI books (loved it) because I jumped onto The Infernal Devices books right after (Victorian England called to me LOL) but I can't wait to get to the rest of the books in the TMI series (I already own them all, just need to read them). Hopefully before City of Lost Souls comes out.

    Thanks for sharing and great review :)

    New follower btw ;

    1. Hih :D You really need to read the next books in this series ;) They are all awesome. Thank you so much :) <3


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