Sunday, April 15, 2012

Review #2: The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong

I first read this book about a year ago. I remember loving it a lot; but also being very frustrated that I had to wait a whole year for the sequel. And I did wait a whole year. Didn't manage to get an ARC of The Calling; but I don't mind, I think. So when it finally came out, and I got it, I knew I needed to re-read The Gathering :D And I am so so so glad that I did. Because I loved it more this time around.

The Gathering is about a 16 year old girl named Maya. And I liked her a whole lot more this time. She is kind, and sort of sweet, and I adore how she treats animals. And I liked her family. Really liked her.. pets. First her normal dog, Kenji, which was really awesome :) But I loved Fitz the most :D Bobcats sound awesome. Wish I had one. Maya is really awesome with animals; and I liked that :)

Also really liked the town they are living it. Maya and her parents are living in a park, it seems like. Which sounds cool. The town they live in is really small, with about 200 people living there. It seems really creepy though, but they all seem happy to live there. Plus they do have awesome things there, as well. But yeah. The research building sort of freaked me out.

Even though I liked Maya, I also disliked a few things about her. She has a few friends; like Serena. But she dies in the prologue; so she isn't in the book. But she is mentioned a whole lot, and I loved that. Because it shows that Maya really cared about her. And I am dying to figure out more about how she died. Although I did get an idea of why, but not confirmed.

Maya then has a boy bestfriend; Daniel. And I did like him. He is a bit weird, but he is kind. He is a great friend. Which I loved even more. That he is a friend :D Because he is only a friend. And it better stay that way. Always. Daniel is different, and I'm excited to figure out why :) Although I do have guesses. A bit unsure about Sam. Didn't like her that much, but curious about her, still :)

Then there is the new guy. Rafe. I adored Rafe! He is the perfect love interest. And I loved him a lot. He acts all tough and such, but he really isn't like that. And he is just perfect. He is sweet, and kind, and sort of broken. Which I love. He takes care of his sister; which I also really loved. I loved the romance between him and Maya. I did not remember that there was so much kissing. But there is.

And oh. It is just too good. I loved the romance. Although it disappointed me a lot :\ Because it had a few downs, and then Maya just let it be over. Sort of. Which is why I don't like her that much. Because it is true what Rafe told her; she doesn't give second chances to anyone. Hoping it changes, though :)

Then there is the plot. And the plot is AMAZING! I loved it so much. It is really, really great. But I do not wish to spoil it. So I'm just saying that it is so good. Lots of things happen, and I enjoyed reading about them all. Loved how Rafe fit in with it all. We get to know things about Maya's history, and I enjoyed that as well.

But the book ends with so many things left opened. And that was a bit sad. The ending is also awesome, though! It ends with a huge cliffhanger, but the action in the end is really good. But now that I have The Calling as well, I cannot wait to read it :D So excited. Just hoping the third book will be out soon ;p What I wish for the most in The Calling is that Maya and Rafe will be together. Adore them. <3

The Gathering is an amazing book with great characters and an very unique and amazing plot. A really must read. So if you have not read this book yet, you really should buy it and do so :)
My first review of The Gathering is here. Very short, though.


  1. Great review, Carina! I've never read this book.. it does sound pretty good, though. ;)

    1. Yay, thank you :D You really should read this book :) It is great.


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