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Review: City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare

City of Fallen Angels is a bit shorter than the other books in length. But I still sort of thought it was better then them all. And that I find a bit weird. Because it was also the most horrible, and heartbreaking. But it was just so good. It only took me two and a half days to re-read the four books in The Mortal Instruments series. That was a bit fast. And it is killing my eyes, to be honest.

I have very mixed feelings about this book. I was so happy there would be more books; because I couldn't stand giving up Jace. And this book, it is amazing. The writing is perfect. The characters are perfect. Most of the time. And the plot is even better. But it also has a few flaws I didn't like. But there wasn't really many of those flaws. This book was the one I didn't want to stop reading.

City of Fallen Angels starts 6 weeks after City of Glass ends. And things seems to be going amazingly. Jace and Clary are happy together; as is Alec and Magnus. And Simon, well, Simon is a bit of an asshole, but he seems mostly happy with his life. But that's just it. We didn't get to see any of them being happy. And I hated that. It started right with lots of pain and hurt.

I shall start with Simon. Simon is dating two girls at once, and he hasn't told either of them. I was disappointed in him; because I didn't think he would do that. But I also can't really blame him because he isn't human anymore; so he isn't the same. I liked Simon a lot more in this book. He isn't trying to split Jace and Clary anymore. And he is a better character ;)

Then there was Isabelle. I loved her in this book. She has a bigger role in it, and I can't wait to see more of her. Thinks she is awesome; and would be great for Simon. Then there is Maia. I like her, just not for Simon :D We got to learn more about her. And Kyle. Unsure if I liked him or not. He is an asshole, but I pity him a bit, as well. Then there was Jocelyn; Clary's mother. I still don't like her.

She is now a couple with Luke; and I adore Luke. For the most part. But Jocelyn still seems so.. mean, to me. Because she doesn't like Jace at all. And I really can't stand that. And I have a huge fear for what she will do about it in the next book. Hopefully nothing. Then there was Magnus and Alec. And omg! They are my favorite couple besides Jace and Clary. Magnus is still so cute and adorable. And I just love everything that comes out of his mouth. He is perfect with Alec.

I wish I could say I liked Clary more in this book. And I sort of did. But she still has the same flaws. I don't feel like she cares much about Jace. She seems to only be concerned about her own hurts and her own pain. I wish she would care more for Jace. And I just hope she will in the next book :) But I did love reading about her. Because she is an amazing character.

And Jace. I have seen people saying they didn't like Jace in this book. And I do not understand it. Because I loved Jace the most in this book. He is so broken, and vulnurable and adorable. He is way too cute not to like. And I just love the broken boy. And omg. Jace is so broken in this book. It is hard for me to read about it. It is just so much pain. But oh, I loved it. A whole lot.

There were also a few new characters in this book; like 14 year old Maureen. I liked her. Sort of. She seems evil. But I kept picturing a 10 year old. And I felt so sorry for her. But I'm also worried about when we'll see her next. It worries me. Then there was Camille. She was in the Infernal Devices as well. And I can't stand her, really. She is just.. not a good person. But a great character, still.

Anyway, back to the plot. The plot in this book is really amazing. Still so unique, a bit more so than the previous ones. It doesn't have the same villain as before, but it still has a villain. And omg. It was so creepy and horrible but also so amazing to read about. It is all so fascinating, in a way. There is so much happening in this book. It is heartbreaking from the beginning to the end.

But it is also not that bad. Considering the book is only happening in a few days. And that is why I loved it. Then there is the romance. The romance in this book is a lot more hot than the previous ones. But there is also very little of Jace in this book, to be honest. And that made me really sad. But I have high hopes for the next one ;)

I don't want to give away too much about the plot. But, yeah, so much happening and it is all awesome. Then there is that horrible ending. But I didn't really mind it much. Well, I was hating on Clary for not staying with Jace, and I was angry with her in the beginning of the book for only feeling sorry for herself and not thinking much of Jace. But still. The ending, it is cruel, the last 4 pages.

But I also loved it, in a way. It made sense. And it didn't break me like it seems to have done to others. Because I still have hope about it. And I don't think it will be so bad, in the next books. Hoping there will be a solution :) And I think there will be. I'm extremely excited for City of Lost Souls. And I cannot wait for it to come out! Think it will be awesome. It better be ;)

City of Fallen Angels is a must read if you have read the first three books in this series. I think it is just as good, if not even better, than the first three. It really is a must read. <3 Although it is mostly from Simon's POV. But not always, and it is always amazing :)


  1. Great review Sweety :) I don't think Clary doesn't care for Jace.. But reading your arguments, well, I can see your way of seeing it :P I have high hopes for City of Lost Souls as well! And I loved Jace in this book too!! He was so so broken, my heart was breaking all over again for him <3 <3

    1. Thank you. <3 :) See, I know that she cares for him and loves him. I just wished she had shown it more. I mean, he was having nightmares and such for three weeks and she didn't notice anything was wrong? Her first reaction was that he would break up with her. Didn't like that. Which is why I wish she would care more :) Jace is the best. <3 I love it when he is broken. Hih :D

    2. Well, yes. But we should also pay attention that Clary is a girl, and like every girl she has her insecurities. Because lets face it, if Jace was my boyfriend, I would think the same. I mean, he is gorgeous, beautiful, strong and everything, and what am I? Nothing compare to him. (these are my thoughts :P). And also another thing.. You certainly read his POV, I was shocked. While reading from Clary's POV I thought it was written all over her face how she felt, but from Jace's POV he didn't get anything!! He didn't percive her feeling like we did. Which I've found odd, because seriously?! The manor scene and the Fairy court scene (which are my favourites) from Clary's POV you can see how much she loves him. Form his POV you see that he doesn't see it at all.

      Did I make sense? :P :)

    3. lol, you have a point there. But I still think she should have seen how much pain he was in :\ It seemed so obvious. The thing about Jace not seeing that Clary loved him at those points; I understand that he didn't. Because she was with Simon then; she didn't act like she cared for him at all. And I hated that. But, oh, well. I do love them as a couple :) Just hoping Clary will show more feelings for him in the next one :D And I love reading from Jace's POV. <3

    4. Yeah, hopefully in City of Lost Souls they'll share their feelings more openly :P :) <3


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