Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Free Four! Pre-Order Insurgent and get Four's POV from Divergent.

You all should know by now that I adore Divergent. It is my favorite book of all time. And I just adore Veronica as well. What I like most about Divergent is Four. Or Tobias. Really like that name, to be honest ;) It fits him. Anyway, it made me sad that the book was all from Tris's POV. Although I do love her a lot. I really wished there had been scenes from Four's POV. And now there is!

All you have to do is pre-order Insurgent; and we can all get to read from Four's POV :D So PRE-ORDER IT NOW! Please? <3 I need it. Really need it. I think I have between 4-6 copies pre-ordered. And I cannot wait to get them all. <3 See the widget below for how to Free Four :) How many pre-orders there are; and where to pre-order :)

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  1. 4-6 pre-orders? Carina!! :D What do you need all that many books? :P :P I've pre-ordered it last month :) :) Can't wait! :) And this is so awesome!! :) ;) Can't wait to see how Four thinks :P :)

    1. Hih :D I need them. <33 Too pretty. See, I need one hardcover to read, one hardcover not to read. And many pretty paperbacks :D I am dying for Four's POV. <3


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