Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review: The Sleepwalkers by J. Gabriel Gates

This book creeped me out. Both in a bad way, and a good way. I really did like it though :) But yeah, it was creepy. The asylum/hospital was scary, but in a way seemed so real. The way I have always imagined a place like that to be. And that is so not a compliment. Bad things happened in there. The book didn't go into too much details about it, but I still got what happened in there.

The plot was really great, though. The end of the world is coming, demons, sleepwalking monsters, this book had it all. I really liked it :) It kept me interested. Although there was two deaths that bothered me a whole lot. Still, Caleb/Billy was awesome. Christine really seemed like a nutjob, but she wasn't that bad :)

The book ended with a huge cliffhanger, in a way. I'm hoping there will be a second book, although I'm not sure there will be. But I hope :) Since there were many loose ends. Anyway, you really should read this book! :)

I got this ARC ebook via netGalley. So big thanks to netGalley and to the author :)

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