Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

I have read this series four times now. First time in August 2010, when the third book came out. WARNING: Lots of spoilers in this review. DO NOT READ if you haven't read the book yet!

I didn't like this book as much as the two before. There was so much to hate in it. First of all, it started without Peeta in it. And Peeta wasn't there at all for the first half of the book. And I didn't really like it so much when he was gone. Although it was kind of good, because it made Katniss realize that she couldn't really live without him.

Or, well, not while he was captured. Because she did think that it would be better if he was dead. Which I am not forgiving her for. Nothing would be good with Peeta dead. She should have gone and rescued him a lot sooner that when she/they did. He was gone for too long. And he was tortured for too long.

And my hate for Katniss finally reached is peak when Peeta got back. She didn't try to help him at all. She just left him alone, with no one to support him. Not really. And I HATED that. Peeta would NEVER just give her up. She was so happy when he got back, then she found out that he wasn't the same boy that loved her for all her evil. And then she abandoned him. And started kissing Gale. And she was the most meanest towards Peeta in this book. She said so much bad things to him. And I hate her for it. So much.

Back to the plot. I did like some of the new characters, but not many of them. Hated President Coin worse than I did President Snow. And Gale got even worse. And then when the book started to end, Finnick died. And that was the worst. Because she (the author) didn't explain ANYTHING about his death. And there wasn't any talk of him afterwards either. Not enough, anyway. And then the worst happened. Prim died too. That was brutal. First time I cried in this series too. It just hurt too much. Because she died, all that Katniss did was for nothing.

Skip some time ahead: I liked the ending. Mostly. Liked that Katniss was with Peeta, although she didn't choose to be with him, not really. She just couldn't be with Gale. Bitch. Hih (A) Also liked the epilogue, with their children :) Although I am very sad that there won't be another book. Because it ended too soon. Katniss and Peeta never got to be happy together. At least not that we got to read.

Still, you should read this book after the other two, just to see how it ends.

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