Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review: Dead Rules by Randy Russell

WARNING: A few HUGE spoilers in this review :) So if you don't want to know everything this book is about, do not read this review. Just read the book, because it is amazing :)

I kind of loved this book. It was awesome. I did like Jana, mostly. Just didn't like the way she felt about Michael. Hih. Especially considering he was a total ass. But then, maybe he wasn't so bad towards her. Even if he did sleep with someone else behind her back. And when she thought they would be together forever.

But I can also understand why she was like that, I mean, he was the first person in her life that cared about her. She had no father, and her mother wasn't around. She only had her Ken. And I really did like him :) But that is also too little. So of course she would love with all her heart when she found the "perfect one". It just really sucks that that love would get her killed :p

I did like the whole third person point of view thing :) Liked getting to know the other characters, how they died, etc. What I loved the most though was Mars. He was so amazing! Wish he was mine. <3 And I wish more than anything that there would be another book, since it only ended with Jana having fallen for him. I wish we got to read more about their love and relationship :)

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