Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review: Delirium by Lauren Oliver

I really liked Delirium. As most Dystopian books, it was set in an amazing world. And the plot was very exciting and interesting. I found the main character, Lena, to be great. She did make some mistakes I didn't like, but other than that I loved her.

I loved Alex the most though. As I always do (A) He was very mysterious from the beginning to the end, and I just loved that. Plus he is hot. And kind. And I just adored the love between him and Lena. <3 Just wished the book had more of them together.

I won't write too much of this book, because I would be spoiling it. You really must read it. I can almost say for certain that you will fall in love with it. Just keep in mind that the ending will kill you.

I am excited for the sequel, Pandemonium, but not super excited for it. Since I know of a few things that will happen in it, that I will not like at all.
But still, Delirium is an amazing read. :)

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  1. This I one I´ll read.. (Although the idea of this certain dystopian society is not tooo appealing to me.. But so many people like it..


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