Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

I have read this series four times now. First time in August 2010, when the third book came out. WARNING: A few spoilers in this review.

Even though Hunger Games was my favorite in this series, I enjoyed the arena so much more in this book. LOVED the whole clock thing. And the different evils that were in all the hours. But I hated the beginning of this book. Once again Katniss is being cruel towards Peeta. And that just gets worse and worse. And also, I very much dislike Gale. I found him to be too arrogant, and not very kind at all. I would have liked him as a friend of Katniss, but when he became more than that, I started hating him. Because, well, Katniss being with him hurt Peeta even more.

But, there were many new characters in this book that I really liked :) Found President Snow to be both scary and awesome. And I loved Finnick. After I got over the fact that I thought he was going to come between Katniss and Peeta :p

Halfway through the book, things got better. They were off to a new arena, and Katniss finally started to realize that she had feelings for Peeta. Although she sucked at doing something about it. I really loved the part where Peeta almost died, because that was the first time we got to really see that Katniss cared about him. I also liked Haymitch better in this book. Kind of. Although by the end of it I hated him for not choosing Peeta.

This is a must read after you have read the Hunger Games :) It has lots of action, death, and kind of love.

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