Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review: Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick

WARNING: There will be a few almost mayor spoilers in this review.

I loved this book. I loved it more than Hush, Hush. Which I found very weird, since I was expecting to not like it very much; considering Nora's memory loss. And the lack of Patch in the beginning. But oh, I am very glad to be wrong. I loved it all. Well, except for Scott. Never liked him.

I prepared for this book by re-reading Hush, Hush this week, and I was planning to re-read Crescendo too, but I really kind of disliked that book; so I didn't feel brave enough to read it again right now. Kind of regret not doing it, but not really. :)

I never liked Marcie, but I liked her a bit better by the end of this book. Kind of. Silence made me dislike Vee, though.. But maybe that will change in the fourth book! :D

I was expecting to find the first 200+ pages boring; but I really liked them. Even if there wasn't much Patch. And Nora without her memories. I found it interesting, and I wanted to keep reading at all times. So that was a very nice surprise :)

I am not going to spoil you, but oh, I LOVED HOW THE BOOK ENDED! The last couple of chapters. They were so good. Am very happy there will be a fourth book though; since there were many things that were left.. unclosed. I just hope Patch and Nora will get to be together for the whole book :)

Anyway, you MUST read this book. Because it is amazing.

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