Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review: The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson

I am giving this book a 3.5 star. Although it is more a 4 star, than a 3 star.
Warning: This review will contain a few small spoilers. Just so you know :)

I have so many different feelings about this book. Firstly, I really loved the plot line. The whole ghost killing Jack the Ripper thing. It kept me interested, and it creeped me out at times. Which I really liked.

What I didn't like however, was the lack of romance. I loved Jerome. And there could have been a great romance between him and Rory, which there kind of was. I just really hated that she never described ANY of the kissing scenes. They just.. kissed. And that, to me, is not enough. Should have been so much more described. What I mean is that she didn't describe anything about their kiss. At all. And I hated that.

And oh, how I hated the school. Didn't see the point of it, really. And it felt so much like a prison, and that I do not like. Also there was many time jumps between the murders that I wish wasn't there. In those time jumps there could have been more romance.

I did however love Jazza. And I kind of didn't like Boo at all. She made me hate her in the beginning, and because of that I just didn't grow to love her much. And one thing I hated the most, was that Rory seemed to care more for Stephen than Jerome. Which doesn't make sense at all. And it just made me sad. And angry. So, yeah, wish that didn't happen.

I am most likely going to read the next book though, since it seems like this will be a series? Hope so. But I also know that if it happens that Rory is with Stephen in any way in the next books, I will not read them. Or enjoy them. Because I love Jerome very much, and oh, I just wish Rory would have told him the truth at the end. And I hope they will have a relationship in the next books.

Anyway, this book is worth reading because of the plot, even though the romance kind of sucked. :)

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