Saturday, November 12, 2016

Review: Heartless by Marissa Meyer

I have waited so long for this book. As I adore Marissa Meyer, and I knew I would love this book the moment I heard of it ages ago. I feel like everyone have already read this precious, but I didn't get that chance. But now I have finally read it too. And oh. Heartless was all kinds of perfection. Just like I knew it would be. I loved it.

I have so many thoughts and feelings about this book. I'm unsure where to begin. The writing was so gorgeous, like all other books by Marissa. And oh gosh, how I loved the world she created in this book. Must admit to never having read the Alice books, only seen and loved the three Disney movies. I liked how this was so similar.

There is just so much to love in the world of Heartless. There are so many talking animals, living like humans, and it is all so special to read about. I must admit that I loved Cheshire the most of the animals, hih. This cat is just the cutest. And a bit rude. And I loved him. This book is told from the point of view of Catherine. And oh how I adored this girl. She was all kinds of sweet and gentle and I loved how much she loved to bake. And to eat too. Eee. She was awesome. Though I didn't like how she felt the need to not disappoint her parents all the time. Aw. I wish she had more courage when it came to all of that. Sigh. But despite that, I adore Cath. She was amazing to read about and I loved that the book was from her perspective. I simply loved getting to know her. Sigh.

The plot in this book is a bit complicated to explain. But I need to talk about it a little bit. Catherine have always dreamed of opening a bakery with her best friend and maid, Mary Ann. They have wanted this for so long. And oh, how I adored their dream. But they don't have the money for it, unless Cath's parents support it. And they will not. Because it is not the things a lady should be doing with her life. They want more for her. They want her to be queen. Since the king is very much taken with Cath and her baking.

I couldn't deal with this king at all. I pretty much hated him, despite the fact that he wasn't cruel at all. He was pretty sweet, I guess, but he was also almost twice the age of Catherine. And shorter than her. And always sweating and giggling and not doing a good job as king. And just, oh, I did not like him one bit. Might also be because I kept imagining him as King Gristle from the movie Trolls, lol. But yeah. The king does have a large part in this. Considering he wants to marry Catherine. And she cannot say no. Sigh.

The plot focus a lot on that. But not too much, and I didn't really mind reading about it all. It was really interesting, despite my dislike of the king, lol. Cath also does not like him. And she does not want to marry him. But she doesn't want to disappoint her parents. And ah. It is a whole bunch of complicated stuff. And of course, there is Jest. Swoon. The love interest in this book. He is there from the beginning. And oh, how much I loved this boy. He is the court joker. He's so talented. And handsome. I loved him.

I would say that this book is about the romance between Cath and Jest. Sort of. It is about them falling in love. About Cath wanting to chose her own life, and not the life her parents want for her. There is just so much happening in this book. There is a monster. Both human and not. There are a few awful people. But also some sweet ones. I adored getting to know the hatter in this book. But I didn't like how things ended with him. Aw. So sad and mean and so good, though. I really disliked Peter Peter. Hmph. An awful man.

There is so much I want to say about this book. Yet I feel like I'm not doing a good enough job describing what I loved about it. Sigh. I just loved the entire book. I loved how amazing Cath was. I loved how cute Jest was, and how he just wanted to be with Cath. I loved how he had some pretty awesome secrets. I really liked how the world in this book was built. It was so interesting and a bit creepy at times and I just loved it to pieces. I adored how Jest had a raven with him at all times. I liked that special raven a lot. Ack.

I feel like I should mention that this book broke my heart the very most. Which should be obvious, since it is called Heartless, lol. And it is a prequel. Before the red queen became evil. And oh. Those last pages of this book just broke me. It was so unfair. So cruel. And I wish it undone more than anything. Especially how things ended with the king. Hmph. But yeah. Despite how much this book hurt me, I also found that I loved the ending a whole bunch. It was brutal. Yet written so well. Ack. I loved it. I think. I'm still shocked.

I think I'm mostly done talking about this precious. I'm giving it five stars. Because I loved it oh so much. There wasn't a moment where I was bored. This book was captivating from beginning to end. Heartless was everything I wanted it to be and more. Sigh. I just wish it hadn't been a standalone, lol. I so wish this had been a trilogy. Aw. Because I really wanted my happy ending. Sigh. Oh, well. Heartless was perfect. I simply cannot wait to read even more books by Marissa. She is my favorite author. Adore her the most.


  1. I can't wait to pick up a copy today! I'm so glad you loved it, C. :)


  2. I didn't even know about this book until the other day but it sounds great it's been ages since I read a book by her. Great review.

  3. So glad to see that you loved this book so much! Lovely review, thank you for sharing ^_^

    Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles

  4. YAY! I'm glad you enjoyed this book, Carina. I was hoping that you would, given how excited you were. I loved it as well, though it broke my heart as well. But the story couldn't end any other way, and I think Meyer did a great job with the ending.

    Wonderful review, Carina!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!


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