Sunday, November 20, 2016

Cover Reveal: Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare

Eee! I am SO excited about this book :D I loved Lady Midnight oh so much. And I adore Cassie the very most. She's all kinds of awesome and I have loved all her books the most. Lady Midnight was perfection. Of course, it broke my heart into a million pieces, but I loved it. But that ending was the meanest thing. Ever. And so I'm a bit nervous about Lord of Shadows.. especially with the summary saying Emma is dating Mark. I'm not okay with it. I don't approve. My heart is still bleeding and I'm a bit angry about it too, haha :) Oh, well. I'm hoping they don't do stuff together.. sigh. Please don't. But anyway. I do think I will love Lord of Shadows SO MUCH :D Because more Julian. Swoon. He is the most amazing boy, and I love him to pieces. I ship him and Emma so much. Sigh. I'm just worried. I need this book to end well for them. Please. Either way, though, I'm going to love this book. It sounds so amazing. Eee. And oh god. This cover! JULIAN. My baby. He is so gorgeous. The cover is so awesome. So curious about why it will be in London. And what will happen. And ahhh. I just want this book right away. Sniffs. I need it. I'm going to love it so much. Why isn't it May 23rd yet? Sigh. And eee, 608 pages :D Wishing it had been longer, but this is long, and I'm so excited. Anyway. What do you think of the cover? :D Isn't it just gooorgeous?

Sunny Los Angeles can be a dark place indeed in Cassandra Clare’s Lord of Shadows, the sequel to the #1 New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling Lady Midnight.

Emma Carstairs has finally avenged her parents. She thought she’d be at peace. But she is anything but calm. Torn between her desire for her parabatai Julian and her desire to protect him from the brutal consequences of parabatai relationships, she has begun dating his brother, Mark. But Mark has spent the past five years trapped in Faerie; can he ever truly be a Shadowhunter again?

And the faerie courts are not silent. The Unseelie King is tired of the Cold Peace, and will no longer concede to the Shadowhunters’ demands. Caught between the demands of faerie and the laws of the Clave, Emma, Julian, and Mark must find a way to come together to defend everything they hold dear—before it’s too late.


  1. Gah. I'm excited for this too!

  2. I haven't read any of Clare's newest books - nothing since my attempt with City of Fallen Angels. I think the drama is too much for me. :/ I hope you love this one, and your ship works out!

    Have a lovely week, Carina. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  3. Ahh I still need to read Lady Midnight, but I know how much you loved it so I'm excited to get to it... hopefully before this sequel comes out? I adored the chapters featuring these characters in City of Heavenly Fire, so I'm sure I'll love it too :)


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