Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Review: The Cresswell Plot by Eliza Wass

I have been curious about this book for months now. Because that cover is all kinds of gorgeous. Plus the book sounded pretty interesting too. Today I finally got the chance to read it. And oh, how I am disappointed. I from the very beginning that I would have issues with this, because of the writing. Then it got worse.

Everything about this book was wrong. I tried my best to give it a chance. To enjoy it. But it was simply impossible. I had so many issues with it. Sad face. It is the first book I have read in weeks. I really wanted to enjoy it. But I'm giving it a one star. Because it really truly did not have a single part that I enjoyed reading. Ugh.

I thought this book would be pretty amazing. And I guess it could have been. I liked the plot, how it could have been. This book is about Castley and her five siblings and their father. And mother, whom I thought for sure was dead, but there she was in their living room a few pages after. Huh. Not dead, then. But so not there either. Waste of a character. Anyway. The plot. These six siblings have been growing up pretty badly, with their father being crazy about god and whatnot. God is so not my thing, but I thought this sounded like it could be pretty horrible and interesting to read about. Sadly, it was not. I felt like it was done really badly. First, the writing was not good at all. Second, I did not care for any of the characters. Like, at all. They were awful.

This book wasn't very long. Just two hundred and fifty pages. Still felt like it took me forever to finish it. I kept waiting for the climax to happen. And when it finally did, at the end, it lasted for only a few pages. And ended way too soon. Made no sense at all. Ugh. The ending wasn't good either. I mean, it wasn't tragic at all, which I wanted. No heartbreak. Not really. Nothing gruesome. Nothing scary. Nothing sad. I felt nothing. Which I haaate while reading. Anyway. The ending was so rushed. And not done well. Sigh.

I kept waiting for amazing things to happen. But nothing ever did. I'm not writing my review like I usually do. Sort of. I don't feel like talking about everything about this book. About the characters. Their names were pretty interesting, except they all had nicknames too, and so their special names made no sense. Sigh. I didn't like the siblings. At all. They were all sinners, haha. And mean at times. And didn't seem to really care about anything. Not even each other. They were just boring. Painfully boring. Disappointing.

I suppose that the main character, Castley, was supposed to be more interesting. With her rebelling and whatnot. But she wasn't interesting at all. She did nothing worth talking about. She was just so boring to read about. Which disappointed me a whole bunch. She spends most of the book thinking about sex. And god. And her father. And sex with her brother. See, their father has decided that they are all going to go to heaven. And the six siblings have to marry each other. And none of them really minds this. What. Ugh.

And so there is also incest in this book. There is even a sibling kiss. And I hated every moment of it. It wasn't done well. And it was annoying to read about. Especially since when the kiss was happening, she was thinking that she wanted him inside of her. And that was all kinds of perverse, as he is her brother, and have been with her all her life. It was wrong. I did not like it. Sigh. It wasn't written in a good way. It didn't make sense. And this brother was pretty awful too. I didn't like reading about him. She loves him.

Sigh. I don't know what else I wish to share about this book. All the siblings were just awful. I didn't care for any of them. Well, I might have been really interested in knowing more about Baby J. Whose name made no sense to me, since she's supposed to be older than six, but I have no idea how old. Ugh. She was sort of interesting. Maybe. But not enough. There is also a regular boy in this book. There is kissing. I felt nothing. Written badly. He seemed good, until suddenly he wasn't a nice person. It made no sense.

Okay. I'm done with this. I really wanted it to be amazing. But it was not. It was just all kinds of awful. Ugh. I haven't even mentioned most of what happens. About the plot and her father and whatever. I'm just done with this book. Plus side, it is gorgeous looking. But so not worth it. I would not recommend it at all. Aw. Anyway. Huge thank you to the lovely Becky, an awesome friend, for sending me this stunning ARC of this book. Means so much to me. Sadly, the inside were not stunning at all. Not a book for me.

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  1. I am so sorry you didn't enjoy this one more. The cover and title are certainly interesting and caught my attention. I appreciated your honest review.


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