Friday, April 22, 2016

Review: Siren's Song by Mary Weber

It took me a long time to read this book. Which makes me a bit sad. I gave book one and two both four stars, which was a year ago, and I liked them so much. And I had been waiting so long for this book, and was so excited to read it. Yet I did not start it until now. Hmph. I did like it. But, I did not love it. Sad face.

I'm not sure how to talk about this book. Because my feelings are a bit meh about it. Which makes me so sad. Because I really wanted to love this book. But I did not. But I still liked it a lot, and so I'm giving it three stars. I just did not love anything about it. Sigh. I'm just so upset about it, lol. I wanted to love it.

I think my biggest issue with this book was the writing. I see that I said in my reviews of the first two books that I liked the writing. But I'm starting to wonder now if I did not like it. Because, yeah, I had huge issues with it in this book. It's not that the writing is awful. Because it is not. I did like it. I just. Well. I did not like how the characters talked to each other. I did not like how Nym was thinking. I did not like the different curse words in this book, because they felt weird, and they were there so very often. It bothered me. And then there was the focus on the Luminescent. That word is used all the time. And their red eyes. It is always written. So, so often. And ugh. It just bothered me a lot. But I didn't hate it, even so. Just not the best.

I like that this book is from the point of view of Nym. I do like her. I just did not love her in this book. Sigh. But she is an amazing character. Kind and sweet. I like how she protects the people. I like how she cares for Eogan, though it got a bit old to have her describe him as beautiful and whatever every time she looked at him. Sigh. But still. I like that she cares. What I liked most about Nym, though, were her Elemental powers. It was pretty awesome. Yet not that amazing as I wanted it to be, though. Hmm.

But yeah. The romance in this one bothered me. Because it isn't really there. Ugh. There is just about no kisses. Only a few, and those made me feel nothing at all. There is no drama, thankfully, but no passion either. She keeps thinking about how he makes her feel, and stuff, yet they never truly kiss or spend much time together. Not much talking either. Which made me so sad, because I didn't really see why they cared for each other so much. I so wanted there to be lots of romance in this final book. Was not.

I do like Eogan. Yet I never loved him in this book. I didn't feel anything for him and Nym. And that makes me so sad. Hmph. I wanted to care. I really did. But I just did not. Probably because of the writing. I do not know. Shrugs. It just bothered me that I couldn't love it like I wanted to. But yeah. I guess it was just not for me. But I did like it a lot. I truly did. I liked reading about Eogan and Nym together. I liked reading about how they tried to stop the war and such. I just never felt much for it.

There is a bunch of characters in this book. I must admit that I didn't really care for any of them. There is a seven year old boy, whom is cute, but I didn't love him either. Hmph. There is more of Lord Myles, whom might even be my favorite character, lol. He was the most interesting one, in any case. But felt like there wasn't enough focus on him at the end of the book. Then there is the villain. Sigh. He wasn't there until the end, and then it ended so fast. I just felt like the villain was a little bit wasted. Shrugs.

I'm not sure what else to say about this book. So I'm just not going to say much more about. I did like it, though it may not seem that way, lol. But I did. I liked reading about the different creatures in this book. And I did like knowing how it all ended. But at the same time, my feelings for this book is just meh. I didn't love it. And I didn't care for most of it. I wish it had been better. But at the same time I did like it. Sigh. I do think you all need to read this trilogy, however. Because all three are pretty amazing.

I just want to mention that I adore Mary. So much. She's always so kind and sweet. I cannot wait to read more books by her in the future. I am happy to have read these books. And I am glad I finally read this final one. I did like it. And oh, I am so thankful to the publisher for having that awesome contest last year, as I now own this stunning signed hardcover, and some very precious swag. I treasure it. Huge thank you to Thomas Nelson, for accepting my request via Netgalley. I'm sorry I didn't read it until now.

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  1. Aw man. And I've been meaning to read this series because I thought the premise looks interesting. But the romance that didn't work will be a killer for me. I need it to work. :/


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