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Review: Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

Holy. This book was good. This book was so, so good. I loved every second of it. Sigh. I knew I would love it, as I have loved books by Jay for years now, but yeah. I didn't know that it would be this amazing. That I would love it even more than I thought it would. The writing is, as always, beyond amazing. Loved it lots.

The characters are all amazing to get to know. I loved the main girl so, so much. And gosh, the plot is exciting. The story is simply so good. This book is more than six hundred pages long. It took me ages to read it, and still wish it had been even longer, lol. I cannot wait to read this book again and again. I loved it.

How do I talk about this precious? I do not know. It is hard to find anything at all to say, when you love a book like I loved Nevernight. Words are failing me. Somewhat. Most of all, I just loved this book so much. And gosh. I would never be able to describe it well enough. But I will try. First of all, you must all read this book. You must. So order it right away. All the editions, like I will be doing too. This is a mix between young adult and adult. Main girl is just sixteen years old. But so many brutal and other things happen. I think everyone will love this one. Sigh. Just like I did. It was so perfect. Brutal and exciting. Full of smut, lol. Full of aaamazing characters. Mia is seriously the most badass girl, with the softest heart as well. I love her.

This is a book about Mia. Whom watched her father get hanged at age ten. Whom had her mother and brother taken away from her, and was herself sent to die. But she survived. She trained. And she got stronger and older. And now she is looking to join a bunch of assassins. And so the journey begins. And gosh, it was so exciting to read about. How Mia travelled to get there, how she looked for their place, how she failed at times. How she met Tric. Sigh. Getting to know Mia was simply the very best thing.

This girl is special. She has the power over shadows. Sort of. When she was ten, she got joined by another shadow. A shadow cat, whom she names Mister Kindly. And aw. I loved this cat. For the most part. Getting to know about Mia's powers were so amazing. I loved it so much. It was so interesting and exciting and I wanted to know so much more. Cannot wait to find out more in the sequel, hopefully. Her powers were a bit frightening. I loved them. This girl was the best. And her shadow cat too. Adorable.

Getting to know about this world was so exciting. It is so different and awesome and very awful. Bad people in charge. Sigh. Well, Mia thought they were bad. I'm not sure if they truly were that awful. But still. There is also creatures in this book. Sand krakens. Huge bookworms. And others. And gosh, I hope we will get to see more of them in the next books. I love creatures in books, lol. And Jay writes them so well. There are three suns in this world. There is almost never truedark. It was so exciting and horrible.

This book takes place with the assassins. How Mia is training to become one, along with almost thirty other teenagers. This competition is pretty brutal, many die, and in awful ways. Yet it was interesting to read about. So much happens. There is magic. And people who can heal, and ruin. There are whippings happening. Shudders. Those broke my heart. So amazing, though. I just can't. This book was amazing. I loved every moment of it. Mia was the best. Tric was awesome too. And ahh. I need more. I want more.

This book broke me into pieces. It was so exciting and different and I fell in love with Mia so fast. I'm not sure why, but I had expected her to be brutal and a bit mean, but she wasn't. Well, okay, she as that, lol, but she was also the sweetest person at times. And I loved every side of her. She was so special to me. Sigh. I can't help but mention all of the smut in this book. It is heavy. It is beautiful. I loved it the very most, lol. Written so well and so amazing and gaaah. I loved that it was included in this book.

There is a boy. But this is no romance book. Yet I felt like there was a lot of romance between Mia and Tric. They were the sweetest together. I loved how they became friends. I loved how they became something a bit more. And oh my god, I loved this boy. He was so very broken. Sobs. And I loved it the most. Getting to know him was so exciting. I did not like when they argued, but I didn't mind. They were such great friends. Sigh. And oh, I ship them so hard. Sniffs. Tric was simply the most amazing boy.

There are so many characters in this one. Not going to mention all of them. But gosh, I liked getting to know them all. Mia got lots of new friends. Like Ashlinn. I liked that girl a lot. There was Jessamine, her enemy at the sort of school. I did not like her one bit. Shudders. Yet I sort of liked her at the ending. Shrugs. Then there was also a silent boy, Hush. Gosh, he creeped me out. Yet I sort of liked him too. Then there were all the different teachers. They were pretty brutal. Yet so interesting to read about.

Okay, I will be honest. There was one thing that bothered me about the ending. Something brutal happened. And it is still hurting my heart and I might never get over it. Hmph. But I'm hoping that it didn't really happen, not the way it looks like it did. Cause, well, Jay did trick me in his Stormdancer book. And I hope more than anything that he is doing the same now. Shudders. Otherwise, SO MEAN. But I might get over it even so, lol. Because the ending was also pretty epic. And I did love it lots.

Nevernight was everything I was hoping it would be, and more. I loved every single thing in this book. There is so much happening. There are friendships, enemies, murders. There is an exciting and bloody competition. This book has more smut than any other book I have read. Which is a good thing, because it was simply amazing. Written so well. There is a small romance, that I loved to pieces. Nevernight made me the happiest person. And then the ending killed me. I simply cannot wait for the next books.

Okay. Now not going to write all that much more about this book, lol. I just cannot stop writing about it. Sigh. It was so good. I loved getting to know Mia, I loved how her shadow cat removed her fear. I loved reading about when she got to feel all her fear too, it was awful and exciting and ahh. This book is so brutal and heartbreaking and exciting. I liked it the very most. Sigh. I just cannot stop saying that. So many stunning characters. Such an amazing story, such an interesting ending, but now I need more.

Sigh. I could not be happier about getting to read this book early. Thank you so, so much to Katie at HarperVoyager UK :D Eeek! You are the sweetest for sending me this very precious ARC copy. I love it the most. And I will treasure it the most. My Jay Kristoff collection is the biggest and most prettiest. Lots of love. And gosh. I would do anything to be able to own the upcoming US ARC of this, and the upcoming new UK ARC too. I want them very much. This book was simply the very best. It means so much to me.


  1. I must admit that I'm not really a fan of his other books. And even though this one has no romance, I'm really curious about their friendship. Lucky you for getting this book way ahead of everyone! Lol.

  2. I'm really glad to see that you ended up loving this one Carina! I've only read one book by Kristoff before and his writing was exquisite! So I'm super excited to give this one a go!

  3. I'm happy you liked it!

    That sounds so cool! I love cats and shadow cats sound awesome! Would you say that Mia reminded you of Adelina from The Young Elites? She kind of sounds like her.

    Great review :)

  4. Oh man, Carina, yet another very detailed excellent review for an upcoming anticipated book! It is so cool that you got to read and review this so far in advance - you've got me excited to read it now already!! Only 6 more months to go...

  5. Ahhhh, I'm so excited to read NEVERNIGHT!! I adore Jay Kristoff, he's amazing. This ARC is soooo gorgeous, even though it's not the final cover! Thank you for sharing ^__^

    Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles


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