Saturday, April 23, 2016

In My Mailbox #234

I have had a good week. For the most part. I cannot even begin to tell you how jealous I am of everyone getting those lovely ARCs that I want more than anything. Sniffs. I would do anything to get those on my wishlist. Just, yeah. A bit sad about that. But also had a good week, even so :D I read two books, and now I know what I wish to read next for a while. Yesss. That makes me happy. Plus, next week I will be getting an UK ARC of Nevernight, and I could not be happier about it :D Oh gosh. I got some stunning mail this week, including some missing pre-orders, finally. Another thing that makes me sad is that I'm still working on selling some books. Around 300. And now I have had to go down half the price, which is so goddamn cheap. Sobs. But I want to get them sold, because I need some room for new books, lol. Just, yeah. A bit depressing. I did blog a bit this week :D I shared my preview review of And I Darken. <3 I posted my newest Book Giveaway :D Love that so many of your have entered. <3 Hugs. I read and loved The Cabinet of Curiosities :D This week I'm waiting on A World Without You. <3 Then I read Siren's Song :) Shared my newest Book Collection of books by Claire Legrand. <3 But yeah. I had a good week.

The Darkest Corners Finished Hardcover. US. Ends 04/24. LAST CHANCE!
Six books. One hardcover, five ARCs. International. Ends 05/15.

Lady Midnight. Pretty regular UK paperback edition. <3 Sigh. I need them all. I love this book so much.
Zootopia. This one is so so cute :D Gosh, I love this movie the most. Cute cards inside it too. I love it.
Inside Out. Gorgeous. But way too expensive to be that little. Ugh. Feels like I wasted my money. hmph.
Star Wars. I know. I have yet to see the original movies. But this was cheap to pre-order; I had to get it.
The Thickety: The Whispering Trees. Finally bought the paperback I was missing :D I LOVE these books.
The Unwanteds: Island of Dragons. Final book :D Gosh, I must re-read the first 3, then read the next. <3
Forest of Ruin. I know. I have not read the first books, lol. But I own them. And I will read them all soon.
Lady Renegades. Heh, again, not read the first books. But own them all. And reading them all soonish.
The Mirror King. Yay! Finally got my regular hardcover that is for reading, lol :D So good and gorgeous.
Let the Storm Break. This is annoying me. Gorgeous new paperback edition. Love it. I also ordered the first book in new edition. They sent me the old one. Can't give me the new. Ugh. Must find it elsewhere.

The Mirror King + The Orphan Queen. EEE! So much swag :D Love love love. Thank you Jodi. <3 Happy that I pre-ordered these two from The Book Spot. Loved getting them signed. Sigh. All kinds of perfect.
Swag from Sarah. YAY :D Thank you so much Sarah for sending me all of this lovely swag. <3 Love it all.

More Instagram photos here. <3


  1. Signed copy of The Orphan Queen & The Mirror King?! So jealous! =P I think I'll take a look at The Book Spot (I had never heard of it).

    Happy readings! :)

  2. SO many lovely things, Carina!! AH and I can't wait to see your ARC of Nevernight!! How exciting! I adore all the Jodi Meadows stuff---can't believe I still haven't read this series---I have both and need to get that done soon! Eee, kitty looks like she is having so much fun romping in the snow! :D

  3. Storm Break sounds good, hope you enjoy. Happy reading and have a good upcoming week.

  4. Forest of Ruin and The Mirror King! I love your TOQ/TMK collection - you have quite a bit of awesome goodies. I can't wait to see your Nevernight ARC. I hope you enjoy all of your new books and have a lovely week, Carina! =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  5. Lovely, lovely haul, Carina. :) I hope you'll enjoy your books.

  6. Lovely haul Carina! That UK Arc of Nevernight is BEAUTIFUL! You need to take loads of pictures of it!

  7. Love all the wonderful treats you got! I read the first book in the Unwanteds series, but I haven't had a chance to read the rest. I better get reading!


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