Monday, June 20, 2016

Review: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

I'm glad I finally read this book. I saw the movie last year, which I liked, but still hadn't read the book. But wanted to for ages. And now I finally did. I'm a bit sad to say that I did not love it. But I liked it. I liked it so much. And I have a big reason for not loving it. Sigh. Even so, it was a four star for me. And I liked this book so much.

I don't know where to begin with this book. I'm not sure I will write all that much about it. It took me forever to read it. Many days. I never use this long to read a book. Ack. I'm not sure why. Maybe because I was dreading that ending. Hmph. Either way, I finally finished it, and I'm so glad I read it. Truly. But I'm also a bit sad.

My review will have spoilers about the ending below. But I do think that just about everyone have already read this book by now, lol, or has seen the movie. But yeah. About that movie. I didn't love it when I saw it last year. I found it to be a little boring. I do not remember too much about it right now, but I do remember that most of the book was not included. Many of the important parts were not there. Aw. But even so. I'm going to re-watch the movie in a moment, and I hope to like it much more this time. Fingers crossed. Sigh. This book. I wasn't in love with the writing, but I did enjoy it a bunch. I did like reading about Death. Mostly I loved reading about Liesel and Rudy. But yeah. The writing was good. I didn't like that the book spoiled itself, though. Ugh.

This book tells the story of Liesel. And gosh, I loved this girl so much. She's nine at first, but she's fourteen when the book ends. I loved her right away. It broke my heart that her brother died right before they both should have arrived with their new papa and mama. And this poor girl ends up having many nightmares for so long because of it. Which was just heartbreaking to read about. Aw. But she's still so strong. And fierce. And kind too, despite her stealing. But yeah. Liesel is an amazing girl. I loved her so.

I loved reading about her life. Her papa was the most awesome. Her mama a bit scary sometimes, but still the most awesome too. I loved how it was set around the Hitler war in Germany. So heartbreaking. So much death. Yet so amazing. This book doesn't focus all that much on the war, but still lots of pieces of it is in there. It hurts my heart that all of this happened before. And that it might even happen again, maybe. Oh, I hope not. But yeah. I simply enjoy reading stories about that time. They are well written.

I'm not sure what to say about the plot in this book. So I'm not going to say too much. It is mostly just about the life of Liesel. And how she spends her days. What she learns of the world. I loved her and Rudy so much. Sniffs. And I liked the plot a whole bunch. I just wish I could have loved the plot and that ending. Sigh. Wish it could be changed. Hmph. But anyway. I liked this story. It was interesting to read about. Interesting and heartbreaking. I'm glad I read this one, finally. So glad I got to meet Liesel and Rudy.

There is a Jew in the basement in this story. Twenty four year old Max. I did love this man a lot. He was pretty sweet and I liked reading about him. I loved his sibling relationship with Liesel. It was beautifully written. I hated how he had to hide there for so long, and then he had to leave, and ahh. It was a bit heartbreaking. But so interesting. I liked his ending. And oh. Liesel's ending. It made me sad. Sigh. But then I used google. And I found this post by the author, here. And I'm now feeling much better, haha.

I will be honest. The reason for why I did not love this book was because the boy died at the end. I shall never forgive it. I can't help it, if the couple isn't together at the end, not really a book for me. And while I have managed to love a book where this happens before, it was so different with The Book Thief. Sigh. Because this boy did not get to be fully happy before he died. He did not get the kiss he had wanted for four goddamn years. And then he died. And I just. I'm so pissed off about it. It shouldn't have happened.

The ending made me cry. Because of the boy. But also because of the other people who died. It was sad. And evil. And I just. I'm not okay with the boy dying. Sigh. I feel like the book would have been perfect, if he had still been alive. If they had gotten to be together, like they had wanted to. Hmph. I shall not forgive it. His death was just mean. I guess that others are okay with him dying. But I'm not. And it shall bother me forever and ever. Sad face. I would have loved it, if only he had not died. Which makes me sad. Aw.

But despite all that. I did like this book. I liked this book a lot. Because I did love Liesel. And her new papa. And mama. Mostly I loved Rudy. He was the most amazing boy. Sobs. And I loved his friendship with Liesel so much. I loved how much they cared for each other. I loved how they were together all the time. I just wish Liesel hadn't been so stubborn. I wish she had realized she loved him a little bit earlier. Ugh. Which is why I'm angry, lol. But anyway. I did like the book. If you haven't read it, then do so now.


  1. This was a tough book to read. I'm glad you finally got to, C!

  2. I read this one years ago and it is very sad. I was heartbroken when I read it. I haven't seen the movie yet because I figured it would make me cry- but I have been curious about it. I am glad you got to read this one- even if it made you sad.

  3. I've read many reviews before reading the 'book thief' and it did not disappoint, I did wish Max has been introduced sooner in the book, there's just not enough of his story but overall a great and easy read.

    still not going to watch the movie because I do not like the casting especially of mama.

    have a lovely day.


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