Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo: Paperback Edition

I cannot wait for this paperback to come out. First, because I just love Shadow and Bone so much, and I need all the different copies ;p Second, because it comes with such an amazing extra: A letter written by Mal to Alina. I cannot wait to read it! So excited. <3 Mal is my favorite character :) Another amazing thing is that my blog will be in the paperback! Well, sort of :D My blog name is featured, and it all looks amazing. I'm so happy about it. Macmillan is the best publisher. <3 They always do these amazing things with paperback books :) I simply cannot wait for it to come out in May.

Also, I just adore Leigh Bardugo. She's one of the best authors ever. First, she writes so good. Second, she's just really kind and amazing. Shadow and Bone is an amazing book, and if you still haven't read it, then you need to do so :) The sequel, Siege and Storm, is coming out in June, and it is amazing as well! I loved it. You will all love it too :) Have you read Shadow and Bone yet? <3

The Shadow and Bone paperback goes on sale May 7, 2013!
The paperback will include the following bonus material:

-A letter from Mal to Alina written the night before he and his friends entered Fjerda to track the stag
-An extensive Q&A with Leigh Bardugo
-A sneak peek at Siege and Storm

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  1. That's awesome!!! I want my blogs name in a book :-) I'm so with you on the Leigh Bardugo love. I get to meet her in a couple of weeks--seriously fan girling.

  2. How awesome! I recognize a lot of bloggers :D How do you get your blog in a book? :) Congrats!

    1. :D Thank you. <3 It happened because of the Macmillan blog, this blog post; :)

  3. i read this book and loved it! I cant wait to read the next two books in the series:)

  4. I spotted your blog name before I even saw mine LOL. ;) I love that Macmillan do things like this! It's nice to see that they genuinely appreciate bloggers. I'll have to preorder a copy of this, though The Book Depository is telling me it's not available now, which is super annoying!

  5. Macmillan totally rocks when it comes to working with bloggers. They are pretty much my fave. I agree with you, this book is amazing and deserves to be consumed in all formats, and Leigh is SO sweet and cool and funny. I love her tumblr and she's just so down to earth. Can't wait for S&S!

  6. I cannot wait to read this one! The paperback sounds great- I love that it has some bonuses. :) Thanks for sharing and I hope you get your copy soon!

  7. Love seeing so many of my bookish friends listed on this bonus page-great way to thank supporters!


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