Friday, April 26, 2013

Review: Gustav Gloom and the Nightmare Vault by Adam-Troy Castro

I've waited for this sequel since I read the first book about Gustav Gloom in August. When I finally got it a few days ago, I knew I had to read it right away. So I did. And it was worth it. But it is really short. And I do wish it had been longer. But it is still an amazing book with an amazing plot and such perfect characters. The cover is one of the most gorgeous ones.

That is one thing I like the most about these books. The artwork. The covers are stunning, but they aren't all there is. There are drawings in these books. Amazing drawings of Gustav and Fernie and all of them. They are just so gorgeous, and I loved all of them. I cannot wait to see more of this gorgeous art. It's so perfect. It fits the story really well too.

My review won't be that long, because this is a short book. Even though it is short, it's full of amazing. I love the writing, and I enjoyed it better than I enjoyed the first book. I'm unsure if I liked the plot more in the first book or in this one. It just felt so short in this one.. but I'm very sure that I loved Gustav and Fernie even more this time. They just get more perfect for every page. I also love Fernie's big sister, Pearlie. She's amazing. And their cat is adorable! Weird, but cute. I liked their dad too :)

Most of this book takes place inside the Gloom house. We learned a lot of things about it in the first book. Gustav Gloom lives there all by himself, just a ten years old boy. But he also live with a bunch of shadows. Which you really need to read about, because I loved getting to know them all, and the why's about it all. There are some good shadows, whom I liked, sort of. But there are also bad ones. Really bad ones. And I hated those. Although I loved them as well, since I do enjoy a good dark book ;p

I liked the plot in this book. It's mostly about this Ice Cream driver man. But he isn't normal. He's a shadow eater. And ohhh. It was awesome to read about. It's a bit creepy and horror like, and I loved every moment of it. Also kind of wished it was darker. Hih. But I loved the plot. It was exciting and interesting, and I cannot wait to know what happens next about it all. October seemed like an awesome villain. Even though he had done some things that broke my heart a lot. And yet I loved it like crazy.

We learn a lot of things in this book. We learn more about the crazy Gloom house, more about all the different doors and rooms and just everything. I loved it. And we also learn a lot more about Gustav. Which I loved. Because he is my favorite character. But oh. He's such a sad little boy all alone. I'm so glad he had Fernie. They are both amazing characters, and their friendship is the best. We learn about his past. His parents. Sobs. And why he can't go outside the house. I found it to be very heartbreaking.

This is an amazing book. And if you still haven't read the first one, you need to do so right away. Because Gustav Gloom is such an amazing person, and you will all fall in love with him. He and Fernie are just ten years old, and I must admit that I wish they had been older so that there could have been some romance as well, but I also loved that this is a middle grade series. Because they are just so adorable as children, and I loved them all so much. I even loved Fernie's very overprotective dad ;p

I'm giving Gustav Gloom and the Nightmare Vault a five star. Or a four point five. I loved it a lot, but I'm really sad that it was so short. There is kind of just one thing happening in the book, one adventure in one day, and I wanted so many. Wish this book had never ended. So I kind of felt like there could have been more. But I also loved this book so much, so I have to give it a five star. <3 I cannot wait to read the third book, out in August. <3 I hope there will be many more books about Gustav and Fernie :)


  1. I haven't heard of this one but am considering since you loved it so much, great review carina!

  2. I saw this at my local indie, and thought the cover artwork was so adorable! I've never read any reviews of this book or of the first one, but I'm so thrilled to hear you loved both of them. I'm totally buying the first book now, this story sounds like my kind of read. :-) Thanks for sharing your thoughts, love this review!

  3. I love books with drawings in it, like Liesl & Po from Lauren Oliver. It gives such a fun sphere to the book :D



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