Friday, April 19, 2013

Review: Northern Lights by Philip Pullman

I've been meaning to start this series forever. Then yesterday a blogger said that Lyra is a part of the most tragic love story. And I didn't think these books had any romance, because it's middle grade. So I just had to read the ending of book three. And it broke my heart. And I knew I had to start this series right away. And I'm glad I did. Will be starting book two right away :)

I watched the Golden Compass years ago, the movie based on this book. I did enjoy it back then, but not enough to start the books. Now that I finally read this amazing book, I see that there is a lot of difference between the book and movie. Biggest part, movie ends when there is still one hundred pages left in the book. This book was just so much more than I expected.

I kind of knew before starting Northern Lights that I would love it. I just didn't know how much I would love it. It isn't the best book I have read, but I still loved every part of it. It made me cry. It made me smile. And it is just beautiful. The writing is perfect, and the story is just amazing. And amazing middle grade fantasy book. I'm so glad I read it. And if you still haven't done so, then you need to get starting :)

This is the story of Lyra, an eleven year old orphan girl. She's living at the Jordan College, and she have a pretty good life. I loved reading about her. Loved that the book is from her point of view, because yeah. She's just so good. Kind and sweet. And protective. She's also really smart. I just adored her. I also loved reading about her life at the college. The people working there, and her friend Roger :) It was all just amazing to read about. And I'm glad I managed to enjoy it, which I would not normally do ;p

I don't know how to talk about this book. And because of that I don't think my review will be too long. I hope. I'm usually wrong about that :) But oh. I just loved Northern Lights so much. It's an amazing story, a great adventure, and the tale of great friendships. We meet a lot of characters in this book. I loved them all. Well. Some I hated. I loved Ma Costa. I kind of loved the Master of the college. I liked Roger. I enjoyed reading about them all, though, because they play a big part in this book. Loved most of them.

The plot of this book is about Dust. For the most part. And I won't say more than that. But I loved reading about it, though I wished we had gotten to know more. The main plot is the dæmons. Every human being in this book have a dæmon. Some kind of animal, that they must be around at all times. It's a part of themselves. And I loved those connections so much. Lyra have Pantalaimon. Pan for short. And oh. He's adorable. I loved reading about him. Since she's a child, he can change form all the time.

And I suppose that is all I'm sharing about the plot. There is just so much happening, and I don't want to spoil anything, because I loved reading about everything. There is just so much amazing in this book. Lots of beautiful things. But also awful heartbreaking things. There is many bad people in this book. I hated it so. But I also loved it. It was just so perfect. This book made me cry a lot. Didn't know it would be that powerful to read about. And I'm glad. I'm glad because I connected with this book that much.

There is so many amazing characters in this book. Like Farder Coram. I loved him. He was really kind to Lyra. We also get to know the gyptians really well, and I loved reading about them all. They were amazing. Then there is Lord Asriel. I don't know how I felt about him. I didn't like him from page one. He just seemed evil. Sigh. And Mrs Coulter. I did not like her at all. But she has a huge part in this book, still, and I did enjoy reading about her, cause she's kind of pure evil. Most of them are. Love.

One of the characters I loved the most was the panserbjørn Iorek Byrnison. I loved him. We get to know him really well, and the other bears as well. They were scary, though. Really scary. And I loved them to pieces. Amazing plot twists. We also see many witches. I loved reading about them too. There is just too much in this book. And I'm doing a poor job of describing it all. But still. I loved it. All of it. Even that heartbreaking evil ending. Sobs. But it made me so excited for the sequel, and I cannot wait.

Northern Lights was an amazing book. And I'm just really glad I read it. It's perfect. I fell in love with all of it. The characters, the story, and everything. There is strength in this book. There is heartbreak and tears. Every moment is amazing. Will be reading book two tomorrow. I cannot wait. Then book three, which I know that the ending will kill me. I still cannot wait. Sigh. Haven't read this yet? Then do so. Please. It is an amazing fantasy book, and I loved it so much. You will too. I'm sure. Give it a chance :)

Update: Newer and better review of the book can be found here.


  1. AHHH WAIT THAT BLOGGER WAS ME! I'm so glad you read this! I'm so glad you loved. This series is just one of the best out there, and was such a big part of my childhood. The books just get better and better! Beautiful review.

  2. I watched The Golden Compass years ago and I can't hardly remember it. Not surprising that the book is better than the movie. The human imagination is just far superior to what can be done on a movie screen. I'm not a middle grade reader but sometimes they take me by surprise. Wonderful review, Carina. :)


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