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Review: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

I had seen so many people loving this book. So I just had to buy it. But once I got it, I wasn't sure if I would read it, because like I always do, I had to peek at the ending. And I was not all that pleased with what I found. And yet I could not let this book out of my head. Because it sounded so amazing and sweet and cute. Then today I just needed to read it. Cause I've been sick for a while, and I really wanted a cute book to read. This was perfect.

I loved this book from the very beginning. I loved the writing, the story, the characters. There is just so many words in this book. I won't be quoting any of the quotes, but I loved almost every sentence in this book. This book is told from the point of view of Eleanor and Park. Both are amazing characters. I don't know who I liked the most. They are both weird and cute and all kinds of amazing. I just loved both of them to pieces. Sniffs.

I don't know how to talk about my love for this book. But I will try. Because I feel that I have a lot of words inside me about this book and these characters and that ending. Such an evil ending. Yet with hope. I think. Will need to discuss it some, at the end of my review, with spoilers, but will post a warning then :) First I need to talk about the amazing plot and perfectly broken characters.

There are two main characters in this book. First there is Eleanor. Whom I loved so much. She's just amazing. I was a bit unsure about her in the beginning, since she did seem a bit weird. But I understood her. And I grew to love her so much. Eleanor is an amazing girl. She's fat, and has wild red hair. She wears weird man clothes. Yet she is one of the most amazing characters I have read about. She's fun and sweet and loving. I loved her hair. I loved her size. I'm not sure I loved her clothes, though ;p

I loved reading from her point of view. Although it was a bit depressing. Because she does not have a good life. At all. And it made me so sad. Yet it was perfect, and I loved every moment of it. She lives with her mom and four younger siblings. I kind of liked the younger kids. Maybe. We didn't get to know them enough, to be honest. And they were a tiny bit annoying. But they were also a bit adorable, and I felt sorry for them a lot. Unsure about her mom. I might have liked her a bit. But also kind of hated her.

See, she has this husband. And he is an asshole. Truly. And yet I didn't think he was as bad as some other stories I have read.. And yet, he was awful. I hated him. They all hated him. And yet she was with him. Grrr. But I also kind of loved it, because it made the story pretty interesting, which I loved so much. We learn so much about Eleanor and her family life. How poor they are. Where her real dad is. Who I kind of really hated as well. Sigh. I hated her life. Yet I loved her for it, which makes sense to me.

Then there is Park, who I loved so much. I'm pretty sure I loved him a tiny bit more than Eleanor. Maybe. He was just so amazing. Half Korean and he's a total badass. lol. Not really, but he does take taekwondo with his dad and younger brother. I just loved him so much. He's kind and sweet and all kinds of awesome. He lives with his family, with his grandparents next door as well. He has a good life. And I loved that. And even though he has a good life, he's still an amazing unique character. Adored him so.

I won't say more about the characters than that. Just, sigh. They are all amazing. And I fell in love with Eleanor and Park so hard. This book is about their love story, set in 1986. And oh. It is a sweet love story. But it also has some heartbreak. Sobs. But not too much high school drama, which I loved. I did love the school scenes, though, with Tina and everyone else. I loved Eleanor's two girl friends at school. They were kind of adorable. And Park's best friend, I loved him too. Well, for the most part, I think.

There is a lot of things happening in this book. There is the romance, which is a huge part of the book, but not all of it. There is heartbreak. And some pretty sad scenes. Yet there are so many happy moments that made me smile. I just loved this book so much. I loved reading about Eleanor and Park. They were just adorable together. I just wish this book had been longer. I truly wish that. Sigh. I never wanted it to end. I wanted them to be alone and happy together more. I wanted that with all my heart.

Anyway. Eleanor & Park is such an amazing book. And you all need to read it. So if you own it, go read it right away. If you don't own it, go buy it. And you need to read it as soon as possible. Because it really is amazing, and I'm sure you will all love it. Just, please, let there be a sequel to this book. I need one. And also.. Please let it be a sequel that happens right where the book ends, or just a few months later. I still want it to be a young adult book, with the same characters :) I'm just really glad I read this book.

And now for some spoilery thoughts about the ending of this book. This is your warning. Don't want to know? Don't read more. I did like the ending. Sort of. But only the last word, to be honest. Because, there is one thing that I can't stand, and that is long seperations. And this was a whole year. Where Eleanor did nothing. And it broke my heart so much. I need to know what will happen next. What happened to her family? We never learned. I need to know. Sigh. I just need a sequel, or epilogue. <3


  1. I've not read this one, for some reason the summary just doesn't appeal to me even though everyone loves it so, so much. I'm not much for contemporary fiction so that's a big reason I've not read it.

  2. All the reviews I've seen including this one have made me want to read this book so terribly bad! It's gotten such raving reviews that I have no choice but to read. Hopefully I can get to it soon. Lovely review as always :)


  3. I'm really worried about the ending now! I hope it isn't anything heartbreaking... This has been getting some fantastic reviews (I don't think I have seen a single negative one!), and I definitely want to give it a try myself. I'm pretty sure I'll love Park and Eleanor from what I've heard about them so far. Great review as always, Carina! :)

  4. I have been interested to read this one ever since John Green reviewed it. It seems like such a cute read! I don't think I've heard any bad things about this book, I'll definitely look out for it :) Great review, Carina!

  5. Squee! Another positive review for this book! So happy to hear that you absolutely adored this book. Eleanor seems like such a quirky character and it's fabulous that you grew to love her! I'd love to meet Park, half-Korean bad-ass? HELLO. ;) The romance seriously seems to be the most amazing part of this story, and I can't wait to jump in. Fantastic review, Carina! :)

  6. This book sounds SO good! I love your review and the description of the characters. I definitely want to read this one- even if I am worried about the ending! Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. I peeked at the ending before finishing and was so confused as to how things ended up that way but once I had completed the book, it all made sense. I am so glad I read this and I hope more people will pick it up!

  8. I have seen some amazing reviews for this book but really haven't read it. I have no idea why. Now after reading yours I guess I should read it soon. Sounds awesome! great review :)

  9. Yay! A five star! I have heard great things about this and how you describe the characters make me know I need to pick it up.
    Brandi @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog


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