Saturday, April 13, 2013

In My Mailbox #76

I think I got lots of awesome this week, as well ;) Missing three packages that are at the post office, but I can't go get them until Monday :\ Grr. I'm not a patient person. I want them now. :) Anyway. I'm still in love with the things I got. <3 Awesome books. Gorgeous bookmarks. Best t-shirt. Perfect plushes :)
Also. I cannot believe it's just NINE days until I got pick up my girl, Anastasia! I cannot wait. <3 Sigh. I just had to share this four-picture of her at the end of the post. Love. What did you get this week?

The Hobbit. Yeah. I just adore these books. And this one looks so amazing, and I love The Hobbit :)
Story's End. I really enjoyed the first book, and I cannot wait to read this one. <3 Gorgeous cover.
The Rising. Yeah. Not sure I will read it after all :( I know how it ends. Not happy at all. Not fair.
The Calling. But this paperback of The Calling is really gorgeous, and I just adore it a lot :)
Rise. I'm also a bit disappointed by the ending of this. But I'm hoping to read it soon, still. <3 Pretty.
Bloodlines. Won this :) I won't read it yet, because I want to read Vampire Academy first, hih ;p
Time Between Us. I just had to buy this one. It seems so sweet and amazing and I really hope I'll love it.
Storybound. Yeah. I had to get the paperback for this, since I loved the book. <3 And oh. It is so pretty!
The Rising. UK paperback :) I do like it. And I have the UK paperbacks of book one and two as well ;p
Apollyon. Heeh. I really need to start this series soon (A) I now own them all. I'm worried, though.
Skylark. Won this as well :D I'm excited about it. I just hope it is good, like it seems to be :) Pretty.
The Madman's Daughter. Oh, gorgeous UK paperback. <3 This book is just amazing. I love it so.
A Face Like Glass. Will be starting this today :D So excited. Please let me love it. <3 It's gorgeous.

Studio Ghibli T-Shirt. Best t-shirt EVER. Wish I had hundreds of it. It's perfect. So, so, so pretty. <3
Hello Kitty notebook. Heh. I don't have my own notebook. And I just adore pink, and this is so pretty :)
The Hobbit. Blu-ray. <3 Love this movie. And ohh. Amazing bookmark as well :D I love it a lot.
My Blue Nose Friends plush. My god. I want ALL of these plushes. I need them. Just so, so adorable. <3
Of Triton Bookmarks. Won these from Anna. <3 And oh my. They are gorgeous. Love them so much :D
Thornhill swag. Won these from Kathleen. <3 I love them. They are just so so pretty and amazing :)
Bath Sheep. He smell good. And isn't he just so so adorable? :D Hih. I just needed him. <3
Camelbak. Another one. But this is a small one :D And it's pink and awesome and I love it.

My missing hardcover of Clockwork Princess :D Sigh. I just loved this book so much. So pretty.
The Peculiar. Claire Legrand told me to read it, so I just had to buy it ;) It is so gorgeous, though.

I also got accepted to read The Burning Sky via Edelweiss :D So happy about it. <3 It seems amazing. But yeah. I'm also sad, because I got declined for four other books that I'm dying to read :( Oh, well. And I also got accepted to read The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die via NetGalley, and I've already read and reviewed it ;p

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  1. AAAH! Awesome haul, once again! ;) I have Skylark to review, it looks really good! And I saw Bloodlines at my local library today and I wanted to get it but then didn't. Storybound and Clockwork Angel look ammmmaaazziiingg! Enjoy! :D

  2. Oh my god, that kitten!!! So cute. <3 Oh yes, I've read The Peculiar and I highly recommend it! Glad you loved Storybound. I'm waiting for my copy of Story's End! (Eeep, so excited!) I envy you for Skylark. I hope you love it, Carina. ;)

    If you have time, visit me! Here's my Stacking the Shelves post.

  3. Wow you are lucky:) And the kitten sooo sweet:)

  4. oH! I just love your soon to be kitty!! She is so gorgeous <3 <3 And great books you've got! ;) :) Enjoy! xoxo

    1. :D Thank you sweetie. <3 I cannot wait to get her :)

    and awesome book haul as usual!! Haven't read anything by Kelly Armstrong but I really want to

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  6. KITTY!! Aw, he is so cute!!

    I am dying to read A Face Like Glass after seeing some amazing reviews of it!! I don't see a US pub date for this one, so I guess I'm going to have to look for it on BookDepo.

    Great haul, Carina!

  7. Major yay for Clockwork Princess!! My favourite book in 2013 so far. I'm also very curious about The Madman's Daughter. Enjoy them all;)

  8. Kitteh! Kitteh! I could just die of cuteness. :) Oh and awesome haul as well, hun.


  9. Oh my, that kitten is beyond cute!! I love kittens!

    You so need to read Vampire Academy, Carina! It's so good and all the books are out so no tortuous waits in between books= WIN!! I'm reading and enjoying Clockwork Princess. Hope you do too. Happy reading. :)

  10. The kitty is SO cute! I love how it looks like it is waving. I bet you are having lots of fun together!

    Awesome books! Storybound has such a beautiful cover! So many fabulous books and goodies. WOW! I love to get mail- but your mail would be even better. ;)

  11. Amazing haul! I see The Rising, I can't wait to read it! Trailer for the book is pretty awesome. :)

    And LOVELY cat! :)


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