Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Review: Storybound by Marissa Burt

I knew I needed this book when I saw the cover. And especially when I read the summary. I have started to love middle grade books a whole lot lately. Just love reading them so much. Before I managed to order it, though, I won a signed copy! And I was so happy about that :D Won lots of other swag too, that I love way too much. It arrived this week; and I just needed to read it right away. I'm glad I did. :) Mostly.

I fell in love with this book right away. Just like I knew I would. The writing is perfect, the characters are amazing, and the story is stunning. A perfect middle grade fantasy book. It has it all. Action, suspense, adventure, sweet moments. And bad moments. I mostly loved this book, though. But I did hate some things about the ending; which is why it is only a four star to me :\ But a big four star!

I'm not sure how to talk about this book without spoiling it. And I don't want to do that. Storybound is like a fairytale. Well, it is a Story. And Story is it's own land different from our land. Don't wanna spoil it, but it is amazing. It is beautiful there. And so different. But so good and amazing and exciting. It is fun to read about. But also a bit sad. Mostly exciting, though. There is so much to learn.

Won't talk more about the plot; since you can read the summary. :) I loved the characters in this book. It is one of the things that made me love it. Because the characters are very lovable. Every one. Well, except for the bad guys. But those don't count :D First there is Una. The main character. And she is adorable. She is a child, but I loved her. She seems older at times, but sometimes a child ;p

But even so. She is broken. In a way. She is sad and lonely and my heart broke so much for her. But she is also really kind and sweet and strong in her own way. And brave. She is an amazing character. The first friend she makes is Peter. And omg. I loved Peter. Wish he was a bit older; but I still loved him so much. He is kind and sweet and strong and amazing. He is perfect.

And I kept wishing for a romance between him and Una. And that is probably silly of me; since they are about twelve years old. (A) But then. 12 year olds can be girlfriends-boyfriends, can't they? I at least wanted them to be more than friends. But I adored their friendship. It was so cute and real. Then there is Sam; the talking cat. He was awesome. A bit different, but so sweet. Loved him.

Then there was Snow. She seemed so mean, but I loved her. Because she too was broken. As was her mother. And it was all just so horrible. Because something happens, and then the book ends end we never find out what happened next. And I just need to know what happens. I need to know. Really need to. Still, I loved it all. These characters made the story so good. :)

There was some other amazing characters as well. But then there was Indy. We knew about him near the end. And I hated him from the beginning. I shouldn't have. Probably not. But I felt like he was stealing Una away from Peter. It felt like such a love triangle. Even though it is a middle grade book with no romance. But I still felt it. Because Una seems more aware of Indy and I am hating it.

And I just cannot stop thinking about it, and it is making me so sad. Just wish it won't be so. I need Una and Peter back together. As best friends, at least. Without Indy being there. Okay? :D Anyway! I really loved this book. It is cute, and exciting, and sad. It has some really heartbreaking moments. But I loved them all. It is a must read book. You will not regret it.

I know this review is shorter than the ones I have written these past weeks o.O But I just can't figure out what else to say about this book. I just loved it. And I don't want to spoil it. Storybound is an magical book. It has it all. Well, except the romance since it's a middle grade book ;p But I loved it, still.


  1. Aren't talking cats always great characters? The one's I can think of have always made me laugh. ;) Lovely review, Carina! I'll admit, I haven't read many middle grade books, but this one looks like a good place to start. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I skimmed your review, because I"m looking forward too it--even more so, now, from what I read!

  3. I love this book and review💕 but I feel like there should be a whole series because of how good it was 😊 BUT nobody has written anything about it since 2012?!?!?! Wow😂


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